June 25th, 2022

Mother Goddess has a special message for the class

Dear family of love and light, thank you for joining us in the kundalini Yoga session today. Mother Goddess has special message for the class.

In today's session, Mother Goddess joined us. She has activated some of the attendees for their next mission. She says that there are also some of the attendees who have signed the soul contract to do the age reversing experiment. Mother Goddess has started the age reversing process as well. She says that the process will take some time and effort. Mother Goddess will lead the process. She encourages the participants to be consistent and continuously coming to the kundalini sessions. She will continue to do the activation and DNA upgrades for all the participants of age reversal group.

In today's session, Mother also did evaluation for some of the attendees. She says for some, the age reversing process can be smooth because their body is in a good shape, and they tend to have a healthy lifestyle. However, there are a few of the participants who will need a lot of DNA activations and upgrades. And it is going to take some time for them to get the process going smoothly. Mother Goddess recommends them to take the process seriously and change eating and old habits if need to. Having a healthy lifestyle is critical for this process, and now is time to start.

In today's session, Mother also picked and chose some of the attendees for the Divine team. She asks the chosen ones to meditate on that and know that the soul decision has been made. Now is matter of understanding and following the soul contract.

Again, thank you for your time and effort. For some of us, we have been activated as the age reversal group. Congratulations. A job well done.

Linda Li and Mother Goddess. So it is.

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