June 26th, 2020

The Divine is calling the ambassadors

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with news. The Divine has moved forward with the Divine plan which means that we are now starting to get the Divine ready and start the rebuilding process. Yes, we, the Divine have been working to get the next phase started. We have brought the demolition Rays. And these demolition Rays have been working fiercely for Gaiaís next phase. We also have decided to bring the rebuilding experts to help with the process. And these experts have already arrived and are waiting for the call of duty. We, the Divine also have gotten the Divine team ready so that when the time comes, they will be right at the Divineís disposal. These team members, however, are still in the process of getting to their Divine locations. Some have done their preparations. But there are some who have not heard the Divine calls and that is something we, the Divine are working on.

Besides the Divine team members, there are also some light workers who are designated by the Divine as the ambassadors for countries they represent. These light workers are all over the place. We, the Divine need them to come close and make sure that they can come to the Divine gatherings.

In the initial Divine design, the Divine brought a few hundred souls to the planet. These souls are Divinely picked and their mission is unique. They have the Divine authority to represent their soul groups. In other words, these souls are going to be located in Washington D.C. and their mission is to work with the Divine government as representatives of their soul groups as well as members of the Divine government. These souls have a double duty. Their mission is quite unique but extremely important. Whatever their own soul group is, their soul connection with their soul group is always on and strong. Their presence in the United States is Divinely designed. They serve as a bridge between their country and the Divine in Washington DC.

These souls have a tremendous amount of the work ahead of them. Their work not only is for their own soul group but also for the planet and the entire process. Their energies will be highly important for the steady progress of the rebuilding process, and also critical for the overall well-being of their own soul group.

The Divine expects a tremendous amount of upheavals in the next few years. The Divine will heavily rely on these souls and their presence. It is extremely important that these light workers know their mission and totally devote to the Divine and the rebuilding process.

Gaia also has a great deal of respect for these souls. She wants them to be close and she knows how important these souls are to the next phase. Gaia has sent out invitations to each and every one of them to ask these light workers to get ready and know that the next phase is about to begin. Gaia wants them to be safe and be alert and know that their time has come. They need to get to their next location fast. Their next mission is calling. And their mission is extremely critical to the planet herself.

So hear me out dear angels on earth. Hear your Motherís call. Know Gaia is calling you. Your duty is calling you. Get to the location of your next phase and be safe. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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