June 26th, 2022

Special Divine gathering on June 27th at 10AM EST through zoom

Dear family of love and light, Mother Father God has asked me to host a session on behalf of the Divine and the company of heaven on Monday at 10AM EST. The purpose of this session is to inform the planet and humanity that Mother God Father is here. Mother Father God has established the Divine presence on earth. Now the next thing Mother Father God is going to bring to the planet is the Divine government on earth. The process is going on. Humanity will see the Divine government on earth once the process is done.

In order for Mother Father God to establish the Divine government on earth, there are a group of light workers who have to be in their position and working along with the Divine. The Divine is sending out the clarion calls to these light workers and hopefully they get the message and start their share of the light work.

In the session, Divine Mother Father God will be present. They will convey the message to light workers. Some critical light workers will receive their next mission which is related to the Divine government on earth. Mother Father God will also activate some light warriors so that they will join the process and start their Divine duty.

Mother Goddess calls some light workers to join this session. She says that there are some light workers who have earned the Divine blessings on new earth. She wants to deliver the blessings to these precious light workers. She says that they are critical ones for Gaia's remapping process. They are needed now. Mother Goddess asks these ones to show up in the session. Gaia is also waiting for these souls to start their mission. If you are one of these critical ones, please hear the call and join us in the session.

At a personal level, there are some light workers the Divine has invited to join the session. Mother Goddess says that the reason the Divine invited them is because they are the ones who have been working hard. Their contribution is great. The Divine and Gaia see and know who they are. And now the Divine wants to reward these hard-working ones. So please show up for your rewards and medal receiving ceremony.

There are also some light workers the Divine asks to join us. The Divine says that they are some of Gaia's key- and code-carriers, and they are so important for new earth and new human race. Gaia and the Divine asks these light workers to join us, and together, we convey Gaia's love and desire to humanity. Gaia's remapping is here. And she wants the planet and humanity to hear the news and get the news.

Thanks you for joining us for this special Divine gathering. The session will be through zoom. The zoom link will be posted on my wall one hour before the session. Divine love and blessings to you all.

Linda Li, Mother Father God and the company of heaven. So it is.

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