June 28th, 2022

The Divine plan has succeeded and able to move it forward globally now

Dear family of love and light, in this post, the Divine and the company of heaven, want to express deep gratitude for the love and support you showed to the Divine and me in yesterday's special session. Mother Goddess and the Divine are deeply touched by your loving support and determination. And because of your light work, your determination and power of your presence, the Divine plan prevailed. The session succeeded. The goal was accomplished. The Divine is pleased with the work and all of your dedication and beautiful light work. Thank you for that.

Since yesterday's Divine plan has succeeded, now the Divine is able to move forward with the plan and further the process of establishing the Divine government on earth. The process is now moving much further than Washington DC and the United States. The Divine plan is now moving forward globally. And that is the achievement we made together. For that, the Divine is thankful and grateful for your dedication and great work.

Mother Goddess says in time to come, there will be more of the changes for the planet and humanity. Please know that the old is falling apart so that the new can emerge. The Divine encourages our light workers to keep an open mind and stay in the heart. Let go of the personal understanding and expectations of what the Divine government might be like or who is going to do what. Instead, completely allow the Divine plan to unfold. Know that the Divine plan was designed for this time and for the sake of Gaia and humanity's ascension. There is no one on earth can and is allowed to change the Divine plan. And allowing and accepting is what the Divine asks us to do. Being the light house for the planet and conducting our light work is being asked by Gaia and the Divine.

Thanks again for showing up and be the warrior you are in time of need. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and your powerful light work. You are a warrior and you truly rock. Divine love for you all.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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