June 29th, 2020

The healing of the World Wars is about to begin

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share news with you. The Divine has uplifted most of the European countries and now most of these countries have settled in the higher realm. There are a few soul groups that have not anchored in the higher realm and that is ok. The Divine plan for these few countries is different. The reason that these few groups are now in the higher realm and yet have not anchored is because the Divine wants them to start the releasing process right away. They just have accumulated too much unnecessary energy and these energies are interfering with their ascension journey. These soul groups and countries need to release the overwhelming past horrors and karmas accumulated over the centuries before their presence in the 5th dimension can be genuinely anchored and presented. After working with the Divine and the soul groups for a while, we, the Divine have decided to let these groups start the releasing so that they can be on time for the rebuilding process.

The groups that are having a hard time settling in the 5th dimension are the countries that have been in the dominant position for the last couple of centuries. These countries are now in need of letting go all the karmas accumulated over time. They have all sorts of past baggage that needs to go. One particular experience is war - World War I and World War II. There are tremendous amounts of the karmas involved in these wars. Soul healings are desperately needed in these countries. Soul disintegration is very prevalent in these groups and that has to be healed before the souls can settle in the higher realm.

The countries that are in need of the healing are the ones that were leading the wars. Both sides of the wars need healings. It doesn’t matter the reason why the war was started and who was doing what to who. What matters is the war consciousness which needs to be released and souls hurt in the wars need to be healed.

There are a great deal of soul healings that have to happen. Souls who carry the war consciousness now need to let go All the past horrors and experiences that have haunted humanity for so long. There are particular soul groups that carry particular wounds and hurts caused by the wars. The Divine has been encouraging these groups do their job and now it is time for these groups to complete their task, and heal the wounds and hurts once and for all so that their mission can be done.

The souls who need a tremendous amount of healings have been Divinely chosen. These souls are the advanced souls. They came to the planet to heal the wars and conflicts. In their soul contract, these souls have agreed to carry a great deal of the planetary war consciousness for Gaia’s sake and humanity’s sake. These souls are all over the war zones on earth. Some have incarnated into war related families and soul groups. The purpose is to remind these souls that their mission is to completely heal the war consciousness and killings on the planet. In their aura field, these souls carry the Divine plan, the plan of how to heal the war consciousness and what the Divine timeline is. Now, the Divine has activated these timelines, meaning the time has come to heal the wounds and hurts caused by the wars. The souls who carry the war consciousness healing timelines have now been activated. Their healing journey is about to begin.

Now, the Divine has different tasks for different souls. Some may have the healing through themselves. But there are also some souls who will heal the wounds by initiating events in other’s or in the world stage. These souls are the powerful ones. Their energies are permeating the entire planet. Once their core energy has been activated, the whole world can feel the energy and as result, the healing events will be triggered to happen throughout the planet.

So hear me out dear angels on earth, the time ahead is going to be chaotic. Things are going to happen in accordance with the healing purposes. The Divine has fully activated the European healing events. These events may take some time and souls will learn their life lessons that were missed in the past couple Of centuries. In the process, Gaia can finally let go of the wounds and hurts caused by the killings and wars, and Mother Earth eventually will have a little more breathing room. Souls on the planet will also learn what they needed to learn and experience. That is what is to come.

I love you dear angels. In the next few days and weeks, things will start to change dramatically. The healing of the world wars is about to begin. Souls who have carried this part of the Divine plan have been activated and are on standby. The Divine, too, is ready to help.

Stay in the heart dear ones. Allow the healing to happen. Know the planet needs it and souls in the war zones need it. The entire Divine and the company of heaven are ready to help. Call and you will be helped. I love you. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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