Mar 1st, 2024

Humanity is looking forward to the coming great shifts at a grander scale

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a message to share with you.

The divine says that the divine has moved the planetary ascension plan forward again. Now the divine plan is moving forward nicely. Elements of the divine plan are working together in unison. And that is the great news.

The divine and the company of heaven are very relieved that now the divine plan is back on track. Because the interferences, the divine plan has been waiting to take off for quite some time. Now since the planet has been cleared and to such a degree that the divine plan is able to move forward and has a smooth path. For that, the divine is very pleased and so are the planet and humanity. Now the planetary ascension has started again, humanity is looking forward to the great shifts and that are in the process.

The divine says in time to come, there will be shifts for the planet and humanity’s ascension purposes. These shifts were designed for the ascension purpose and they will be at a grander scale. Both of the planet and humanity have been anticipating these shifts and the divine says that these shifts are coming soon.

The divine also wants to let the planet to know that there are great opportunities for the planet and humanity in terms of growth and ascension. The divine and the company of heaven will start rounds of ascension rays so that the planetary ascension will be boosted and even out throughout the planet.

The divine says in some areas of the planet, ascension of the masses goes slowly. And partially, it needs the boost of ascension rays and light. Therefore, the divine and the company of heaven will bring ascension light to these areas and the entire planet so that the planetary ascension will be more even throughout the planet. Humanity around the world will have the same ascension rate, of course, it is relatively speaking. The divine and the company of heaven will make efforts to make sure that all regions of the planet ascend evenly.

The divine says right now, the planetary ascension has some work to do. There are areas where souls ascend slowly and there are also areas where souls move very fast and ascension rates are higher in these areas as well. The divine says that there are a few reasons for that. And one reason is the lack of light workers and ascension rays in these regions. The divine has figured out solutions and will implement the solutions in these slow ascending regions soon.

The divine also has deployed a great deal of ascension light beings throughout the planet. The divine says that it will help regions that have fewer light workers in the upcoming shifts.

The divine says that time ahead will be very exciting for the planet and humanity. It is time for shifts. The planet and humanity have been waiting for these shifts. And now these shifts are coming. The divine encourages light workers to help with the process and know that these shifts are for humanity. Light workers have done these shifts and now is time for humanity to grow and experience these shifts. That means that light workers are in the position to help.

Again, thank you for your dedication and great service for the planet and humanity. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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