Mar 2nd, 2024

The divine and the company of heaven have orchestrated a great shift

Dear family of love and light, according to the planetary design, the divine and the company of heaven have orchestrated a great shift. The planet and humanity have shifted further into the quantum field and a much higher vibrational realm. Humanity is very happy and hearts are open much wider. The divine is very pleased with the shift. The planet and humans have settled in this new location. All is well indeed.

The divine says that the shift was scheduled. The planet and humanity have been waiting for this great shift. The shift went extremely well and smooth. Now the process has completed.

The divine says because of the shift, there are some deeply buried energies that have come up to the surface. The divine and the company of heaven have started rounds of the clearing to make sure that the residual will be completely removed. The divine says that the shift also has brought out huge amounts of the energies that humans and light workers carry. The divine says in order to remove these energies, these old energies carriers will need to go through healing and clearing process. The process can be time consuming. However, it has to be done so that the planet will be free from the old energies and humans will be totally free from the old densities.

The divine says because we have lived under the old dimension for a long time. We all carry some old energies. It is just a matter of degree. Since we are leaving the old realm and transitioning to the higher dimension. We all need to shed the old energies. Particularly light workers who have been fighting the battles with the old densities. And clearing is needed so that the higher we go, the easier it gets. The divine says that the clearing and healing process has to start right away since the old energies have been shifted to the surface. Humans need to start the clearing so that the entire planet can be cleared. The divine has arranged divine activities to help with the clearing process. And the divine says that the key is for light workers and humans to start the clearing and on a continuous basis.

Right now, the divine has already started divine operations to clear the old energies that are showing up because of the shift. The divine has enormous amounts of the power and tools so that the clearing process can be done quickly.

The divine asks light workers to use tools and spiritual laws to continue the clearing efforts. Know that the clearing needs to go deep so that when the light workers are cleared, the planet and humans will be cleared. It is all divinely designed and humanity needs light workers so that the entire human race will be totally cleared for the next phase.

The divine is grateful for the contribution that light workers are making to this great planetary ascension process. And the divine encourages light workers to keep up the good work and know that your work helps the process greatly. You make a difference. Your love and light have great impact on the planet and humanity. The planet and humanity look up to you for a sense of guidance and have great appreciation for your work. Because you are the light worker.

Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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