Mar 4th, 2024

The clearing process is coming to an end

Dear family of love and light, the divine has updates for the planet and humanity.

The divine says right now, the planet has settled in this newly shifted position. Humanity feels more pleasant with the shift and the vibration that the new location offers. The planet and humanity found that this latest shift was very helpful and assuring for the ascension journey. For that, the divine and the company of heaven are very relieved.

Since the shift, the divine has been busy clearing the old energies that have been brought out to the surface by the shift. The divine says by now, most of these old energies have been removed. And the divine has also carried out divine operations to further remove some energies that are not allowed on new earth by design. The divine says so far, huge amounts of the old energies have been removed from the planet and humans because this newly shifted realm has no tolerance for these old energies. That is why the divine and the company of heaven have to take actions to remove unwanted energies. And the process is still going on.

The divine says since these old energies have been with humans and light workers alike for a long time, souls may have reactions from removing these old energies. The divine asks us to be compassionate and understand that the process is a part of the planetary ascension package and by design, now is the time to happen.

The divine says once the removal process is over, the planet will be in a supremely better position and humans can be cleared and will be much more suitable for the time ahead. The divine says that this process has significance for the next phase. The entire divine and the company of heaven have been working hard to make it happen. The divine has great confidence that this process can be the end of the clearing efforts so that the divine plan and ascension can move forward to the next phase. The divine and the company of heaven are so looking forward to finishing this removal process so that the next chapter of the ascension can start.

The divine says that there are also other elements of the divine plan are at work. The planet has been cleared to a degree so that the other aspects of the ascension process have started. Especially the process related to humans and ascension journey. The divine and the company of heaven are busy working to make sure that all aspects of the ascension process works in unison so that when the divine starts next phase of the divine plan, there will be no interruptions and the divine plan will be moving forward smoothly.

The divine says that there are a couple of things that need to happen in order for the divine plan to move forward. And currently, the divine says that the process is still being worked on. things need to be smoothed out. The divine says that we are getting very close now. And the divine and the company of heaven are much more comfortable with the progress and the process is proceeding nicely.

The divine says in this clearing process, light workers have contributed a great deal. The divine is very grateful for light workers and their good work. The divine says that great progress has been made. And the divine has enormous amount of the appreciation for the light workers and leaders. In time to come, there will be great opportunities for light workers and the divine encourages light workers to keep up the good work and continue the effort. Know that the clearing process is coming to an end. And time ahead is greatly anticipated and exciting for light workers and humanity. The divine has amazing appreciation for the advancement of the divine plan and light workers in general. Great job indeed.

Thank you for your service and love. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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