Mar 8th, 2024

The clearing of old energies in humanity has to speed up

Dear family of love and light, the divine has updates for the planet and humanity.

The divine says right now, the planet herself has been cleared and to a degree that the divine says it is much suitable for the divine to move on to the next step of the ascension process. However, humanity needs more clearing and that is the focus of the divine and the company of heaven.

In the latest clearing efforts, the divine has literally cleared every bit of the old energies out of the planet. The planet now is cleared from the residual of the old energies. And the divine is very pleased with what the planet feels like now. The planet becomes friendly to light workers and that is an enormous advancement. The divine and the company of heaven feel so much more confident that the planet has been cleared enough and ready for the next phase.

The divine says once humans are being cleared enough, the planetary ascension will move on to the next stage. The divine has started the preparation process and so far, the preparation has made a lot of progress and elements are in the process to be positioned. The divine and the company of heaven are encouraged by the process and are very comfortable about the speed and the progress that has been made.

The divine says in the meantime, the clearing of humans have been going on and now the clearing is going deeper and deeper. The divine says that there are some old energies that need to go. The process is challenging and partially because these old energies have been with humans for so long and humans have adopted these old energies as their own. Therefore, humans have difficulty to let go of these old energies. The divine says since the new earth has no tolerance for these old energies. One way or the other, humans need to release these old energies in order to move on to the new earth. The divine says right now, majority of humans on the planet are holding tight of these old energies and the situation needs to change. In other words, these old energies need to be removed from humans completely and that is what the divine is focusing on. The divine says removing these old energies can be time consuming. However, it is required by the new earth, therefore, it has to be done and has to be thorough. The divine asks light workers to start the process and know that these old energies are not in humanís divine blueprint. It was adopted by humans and now needs to be removed.

The divine says since the removal process has taken so much longer than designed, now is time to make it happen. The process has to speed up so that the divine plan can move forward. Light workers are now being called to start the releasing process so that the process can be finished quickly.

The divine also calls for divine operations to push the removal process forward. Whatever it takes, this process has to be done. There are difficulties, however, the divine says that deletion of the old energies are a part of the ascension process and the ascension process is about letting go of the old so that the upgrade can happen. The divine says that it is time to move on. Humanity has evolved to such a point that these old energies need to leave so that new humans can evolve and advance. Humanity is ready.

Thank you for your dedication and great work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, So it is.

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