March 1st, 2020

Divine switching gears

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. I know that the energies are very strong right now, and the planet is shedding the old buried energies very fast. Some of the light workers who feel that their shedding process is a little too fast. They seem to have a hard time to keep up. Dear angels, what I can say is that everyone is doing a great job in terms of ascending. You may not realize how fast you are ascending when you are in the middle of the releasing and rebirthing. And the outward look always distracts you from the inward ascension journey. But nevertheless, all of our light workers, at this point, are ascending extremely fast. The releasing happens around the clock and the planet too, is releasing so fast that the planet herself may not even know how fast the releasing is. And all that add up to the process of Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s quick awakening. The entire planet now is in the middle of a fast awakening process. Indeed, the mass awakening is happening at an exponential speed which has never happened before. What an amazing scene.

I love you dear ones. In the next few weeks or so, the Divine will change the gear. The ascension will be focus on the land of America. Yes, the planet wide restoration process is in progress and will continue. But the Divine focus will solely on the United States. We, the Divine want the United States to be the first one to ascend. Right now, the ascension focus is at the planet herself and that is required because the planet needs to have the support while she is releasing deep wounds and hurts. In the last few days or so, the most malicious energies had been removed from the planet. Now the energy field is much softer. Mother Earth is at ease and relaxed. The planet wide has reached to a point where the ascension is much smoother. From this point on, Gaia is going to direct the ascension effort. She knows where the next spot she wants to heal, and what kind of energies she wants to dig out. Nevertheless, what left for Gaia is light releasing. And that is why we, the Divine will leave Gaia alone so that we will focus on the ascension of the United States.

United States has been picked to be the first country to ascend. Partially, it is because the land of America is rather pure. The souls on the land are Divine picked. The entire country was Divinely designed for this ascension purpose. The soul groups on the land have reflected all human race. The population of the United States is a mirror of Gaia’s whole populations. Race by race, America, truly, is the mini Gaia in the population and soul groups sense. Almost every soul group on earth has representatives in America except one particular group which has no relation with America. That is ok because this particular soul group has a different mission on earth. The Divine has plan for this particular soul group. Later on, this group of souls will be called. For now, their presence is just a balance factor and it is important for this group to stay isolated.

Now, despite the outward chaos in America and the whole world, the ascension actually is happening and the whole planet is ascending nicely. That partially, is because the leading ascending group is doing well and ascending fast. The rest follows pretty tightly. And from the Divine perspective, the entire planet is ascending beautifully and America has played a big role. Because America is ascending nicely, and because the planet is ascending quickly, the outcome of that is that Gaia’s restoration needs to happen. Gaia and the Divine are ready for that. The restoration is going to take some serious time. Gaia’s ocean floors will be the first. We, the Divine have collected all the light workers whose expertise is to build Gaia’s oceans and ocean floors. Currently, all the light workers are ready. And that means the start of the process is coming.

What is required for this group of light workers to start the rebuilding process? Dear angels, the planet is in such a place that once the rebuilding process begins, all the rest of the ocean waters and ocean floors are going to be impacted. Human lives is going to be effected. Gaia’s marine life will also be impacted and humanity’s food chain will be interrupted. That is the nature of the entire process. Gaia understands that and Gaia has also warned her children throughout the entire planet.

So, in the next few days or so, the rebuilding of Gaia’s ocean floors will begin. The process mostly likely will start in the US since that is where Gaia lives. The ocean front coastal areas are going to be impacted and that will cause some chain reactions. But nevertheless, Gaia’s ocean floors have to be rebuilt and the process is due to start dear ones.

Be Gaia’s help and support Gaia’s rebuilding process dear ones. Know Gaia’s rebuilding process is starting shortly. If you live near the oceans, be alert and careful about the process. Some areas of the coastal regions may need to be emptied. Others may take a little time to feel the impact. The bottom line is that the process is due and the Divine will start the process very soon. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace dear ones.

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