Mar 11th, 2024

The divine says that the planet and humanity have shifted again

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a message for the planet and humanity.

The divine says that the planet and humanity have shifted again. This time, the shift was very prominent and it focused on the human aspects. The design was to bring more awakening to humanity. The divine has brought a great deal of ascension light right along with the shift so that together, the planet and humanity got another round of the awakening process.

The divine has been working to get the planet and humanity ready for this shift. Over the last couple of days, there were huge amounts of the releasing and clearing that has been done. That has readied the planet and humanity for this shift. The divine says that now the shift is over. The planet and humanity are settling in this new location. This new realm has a great deal of the divine light. The planet and humanity enjoy the new vibrations and are settling well. The divine and the company of heaven are very happy to see the results of this shift. All is well indeed.

The divine says that the planet has shifted to a new realm, there are old densities that have been brought up by the shift. The divine has organized light workers to start the clearing efforts. The divine says because the planet was being cleared so much, and after this latest shift, the amount of the old energies that were being shifted to the surface is very small. The divine and the company of heaven are very pleased to see that. That means that light worker’s clearing efforts have paid off. The planet is so much cleaner and there are not much of the old energies on the planet any more. That is the great news.

However, the divine says that there are some regions that are still in need of clearing. There are humans who still carry a lot of old energies and there are needs to further clear these humans. The divine asks leaders and light workers to continue the effort to clear the region and humans that are in their location. The divine has also sent huge groups of light beings to different parts of the planet to clear the old energies out of the planet and humans. The divine says that this time around, the clearing will be quick and partially, it is because the amount of the old energies are small and the process is quite straightforward.

Meanwhile, the divine says that the divine has started the divine plan so that when the clearing efforts are over, the divine plan will be able to pick up the speed. The divine encourages light workers to keep up the effort and be ready for the forward moving divine plan. There are some critical light workers that the divine asks them to hear the divine calls and get ready for their next mission. The divine also wants to give great appreciation to light workers for continuing effort and great work. Know that their efforts make difference. The planet and humanity have been cleared to a degree that the divine plan now can move forward smoothly. And that is the achievement that is noticeable. The divine says that light workers are heroes in the endeavors. And light workers deserve thanks and great appreciation. The divine is indeed very grateful for light workers and their great work. And know that the planet and humanity are also grateful for the contributions from our light workers. Light worker’s work has always been greatly appreciated.

Divine love and blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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