March 15th, 2020

Divine Mother Father God say the mass Ascension just begun

Dear children on earth We are your Mother Father God. We come today to share news with you all. As you know, the planet is at a pivotal point where humanity’s ascension has been going strong. Gaia’s restoration phase has started. Realistically speaking, Gaia’s ascension process has come to a point that all countries on earth, now, are called and in need to ascend. Some countries are at a point that they almost reached 5th dimensional frequency range. These countries are the ones that will ascend shortly. The Divine will bring these countries up to the 5th dimension. Their efforts have paid off. The citizens in these countries will also ascend along with the land and animals in the land. That is how ascension works.

There are other countries on the planet that are not ready to ascend at the moment. The Divine has decided to let these countries continue their ascension effort. They have time and it is ok they are not ready now. The planet needs some breaks in between and that is why the countries that are not ready, can take their time and go with the flow. The next wave will come shortly.

For now, we, the Divine are focusing on the countries that are ready. There are a couple countries that are already in the 5th dimensional frequency range, and the Only thing left now is to open the gate and usher these soul groups into the higher realm. The countries that are very close to their destiny will soon be uplifted to their designated spot by the starseed fleets and the company of heaven. We want to make sure that there are as many countries to be uplifted as possible. We want the countries to know that the time has come. The ascension of the soul groups is about to begin. We will lift the countries up, one at a time to their designated position in the higher realm, so that we can accomplish the Divine goal in this spring equinox gateway.

The spring equinox gate just opened. We, the Divine and all the ascension fleets and the company of heaven, are all ready. The planet is also ready. The entire ascension group is all lined up and waiting to lift the countries up. One country at a time, eventually, and all the countries that are ready at this juncture will be uplifted to the 5th dimensional frequency range. The countries that are not ready are encouraged to continue their ascension effort and we will bring them up when the time comes. For now, the entire planet is watching the ascension process and is excited. We, too, have been looking forward to this day and now this day is here. We are indeed ready.

We are your Father Mother God. We want to share this news today and hope that you are encouraged and excited and helping those who are in the process of getting to the ascension gate and want to ascend at this opportunity. Let’s work together dear ones and help the countries to ascend. Let Gaia and humanity know that the ascension of the masses has started. In due time, there are going to be a dozen countries ascending in this particular time frame.

The countries that are ready right now will ascend in the upcoming days or weeks. Once these countries and soul groups Have ascended, we, the Divine will come to the planet, declare the exciting news of the Divine and company of heaven and our light workers. We will bring the fleets to the surface of the planet and usher in the new age, the Golden Age. The Divine government will start right after that, as will the Divine guidance for the entire planet and humanity. Humanity will have a new set of laws and that is the spiritual laws. The spiritual laws will be the guiding principles for the new age. Planet wide education will also be needed and that is how some of the light workers will participate. Spiritual teachers and educators will be highly in demand. The Divine is currently training the future teachers and educators. And that is what some of you, dear angels, will do. Being the teacher that the planet desperately needs, and humanity desperately wants to learn, Together, we will educate the planet and human race. And the planet and humanity will all ascend in due time.

We love you dear angels on earth. We are your Divine parents, the guardian of the planet and humanity. We are here with you. We are here to guide the ascension process. We are here because Gaia needs us. We are here because your Father Christ is going to lead the next phase of Gaia’s ascension. We are here because all has been designed and now iis time to implement. And your Father God is going to be the one that leads the implementation process. He has incarnated in human form. He is ready so are the Divine. Together, with the help from the Divine and the company of heaven, your Father is going to start the leadership role soon. And that is the news. We love you dear angels. We are your Divine parents. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

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