Mar 15th, 2024

Mass ascension has arrived

Dear family of love and light, the divine has updates for the planet and humanity.

The divine says since the last shift, the divine has moved the divine plan forward. There are some regions on the planet that have been deeply cleared as well so that the ascension rays can reach the planet and souls on the planet evenly.

The divine says in the last couple of days, the divine has brought a huge amount of light and ascension rays to the planet. And that has great impacts on the planet and ascending souls. Because of the incoming light, the divine says that there are some old energies that have been brought to the surface by the intense light. The divine and a lot of light workers are working to remove these old energies. The divine says in some areas that these energies were hiding. The divine has dispatched a great number of light workers and light beings to clear the residual of the old energies. The divine says that there are a lot of humans and light workers alike who carry intense old energies and these humans are also in need of clearing. The divine asks leaders and soul group leaders to keep up their good work and clear the old energies from these souls and soul groups.

The divine says since the divine has started the next phase of the ascension plan, there are a lot of light workers who have been called to their divine duty. The divine also called soul group leaders, most of the leaders have heard the call and showed up. The divine has given these soul group leaders warnings about the time ahead and their divine duties. There are a small number of the soul group leaders who did not answer the call. Their soul group has been informed and there will be replacements for these leaders. The divine asks these soul groups to bring their soul group agenda up to speed and bring new leaders to the position sooner rather than later. That way, these soul groups will be able to keep up with the rest of the world.

The divine says because there are some groups that have a huge amount of the clearing to do, it is essential that these group leaders have the awareness and understanding of their soul groups and be able to lead the group in the clearing process. The divine has also brought a great number of light to regions that traditionally, have less presence of the light workers. The divine has sent light beings to these regions so that the clearing can be deep and thorough.

The divine says that the plan is to continue bringing ascension light to the planet and humanity. that means that there will be more needs of clearing. Clearing of the planet and humans are the tasks that regions will need. The divine has sent a huge amounts of the divine light to some regions and the divine will continue to do so. In the process, the entire planet will be evenly have the ascension light and wake up to the ascension light evenly. That is what the divine will do in days to come.

The divine has also asked light workers to help with the process. Humanity is in the process of awakening. And awakening at such a large scale is unprecedented. The need of help is also great. The divine says that it is time for light workers to move forward and start helping humanity. It is light worker’s divine duty and it is time. Mass ascension has arrived.

The divine says since there are a great number of light workers on the planet right now, the ascension of the masses can be easier. It is light workers who have the divine in them and they need to heed their divine guidance and walk their big shoes and be the light example for humanity. Humanity needs light workers. humanity has a great deal of admiration for light workers. Now light workers will need to remember their divinity and show the way to humanity. It is time.

Thank you for your service and dedication. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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