March 18th, 2020

Father God has been working on the landing

Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. I come today to share news with you. The planetary ascension has been going very well. The countries that planned to be uplifted have been indeed lifted up to the 5th dimension. There are a few countries that ascended by themselves. Now they have anchored in the higher realm. Countries that are almost ready now are being uplifted. And the process is underway. The Divine goal is to uplift as many countries as possible. That is what is happening behind the scenes.

Now besides the mass uplifting of the soul groups, your Father has been working on the landing. The Divine plan is to have the ships land on the planet so that as today, we, the Divine can declare our existence. The landing takes enormous amount of the work. It highly depends on the weather conditions, geolocations. Further more, the welcomeness of the planet. Your Father has considered all scenarios and he has decided to try the landing. He is the one who has the control. He has all the authority over the planet and all souls on the planet. He has the plan and he has decided to implement the plan.

The landing takes a great deal of the persuasion. The planet needs to know how and what to react when the ships landed. Your Father has decided to come. He is going to appear himself in the biggest ship he operates. He has all the other fleets coming with him, together, he has brought about 5 million ships. Your Father is in the biggest one. They call his ship the Mother Ship, the commend center. He has the physical form in the ship. This time, your Father mostly looks like the Moses. The dark skin and big eyes. He has brought his Mediterranean look and that is how he is going to appear to the public this time.

The ships have left their stations. The proximate arrival time could be somewhere between now, your time, and tomorrow morning. The reason it takes this long is because the condition on the planet has to be suitable for the landing. The atmospheric condition has to be friendly. The surface of the planet needs to have the right temperatures and conditions. Nevertheless, the ships are coming dear ones. Your Father has left for the landing. The planet is going to see the Christ in flesh. He has brought his form with him, and he plans to wear them as Moses.

Moses was one of his incarnations, so were the others. Solomon and Jesus were the incarnations that he has great fond with. He loves the fact that humanity still remember his incarnations, particularly the incarnations that he has made big impacts. He enjoys thinking of these incarnations and most of all, he loves the fact that, in this lifetime, he is going to utilize all the wisdom he has gained through the past incarnations. That is the exciting experience he loves the most.

Yes. Your Father has incarnated. In this lifetime, he has a great deal of the responsibilities and obligations to Gaia and humanity. He has chosen the ways in which he can serve the planet and humanity, and his mission is about to start. He has so much in his plate and that is beyond human imagination. He knows the time is limited. And that is why he wants to start his mission right away.

After the consideration of the overall Divine plan, your Father and I have decided to start his tenure, the next phase of the planetary ascension process, the Golden Age. The Golden Age is designed for the Christ. He is destined to lead the Golden Age for the planet and humanity. He has the Divine authority and he has been crowned for it. He now just needs to bring his human representative to the leadership role and start the era. That is the design and your Father is now ready to materialize it in your reality.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Divine Mother. Once the landing happens, the Divine is going to declare our existence and Gaia’s ascension news. Humanity may need some time to digest the news but that is understandable. The Divine has planned on that. After a period of time of the reorganization, humanity will eventually calm down and face the ascension journey. And then the Divine is going to start the leadership role and start the next phase which will be monumental for Gaia’s restoration and rebuilding process. That is the plan for now. Go in peace dear ones. Know big changes are indeed coming. Get ready for them and know everything is going according to the Divine plan. I love you. I am your Divine Mother. So it is.

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