Mar 22nd, 2024

The planet has again shifted to a new realm which is perfect for the planetary ascension

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a quick update for the planet and humanity.

The divine has just carried out a divine operation and shifted the planet again. Right now, the shift is over. The planet and humanity are settling in this new realm. The divine says that humanity enjoys this new location. Humans feel that this new location is peaceful and steady. The planet is enjoying this new realm as well. This new vibration realm offers great comfort and calmness and humans enjoy it very much. The divine is very happy that the planet is peaceful and humanity feels joyful in this new place.

The divine says because the planet has been through so much clearing. And this time around, the shift was quick and the process was very easy. The divine has a great deal of relief now and know that this new realm is perfect for the planetary ascension. And the plan is for the planet and humanity to stay here for the upcoming time and unfoldment of the divine plan. The divine says because this new position gives the planet and humanity peace and calmness, it is greatly helpful for the divine plan. The divine has great hope that this location will be the spot where the planet stays for the time to come. Time ahead can be challenging, however, this location can offer the planet a great deal of calmness and that is so critical. That is why this location has been chosen.

The divine says since the planet has shifted again, it is possible that the old energies may be brought out by the shift. The divine is watching attentively to make sure that the divine will carry out operations in the event of the old energies showing up.

The divine says currently, the planet is peaceful. There is no sign of old energies. However, since the shift just happened, there is still time for the old energies to surface. The divine asks the divine operations to be on standing by position. And take actions swiftly if there is old energies coming up to the surface.

The divine says that there are some areas of the planet where the old energies tend to emerge. It is worthwhile for the divine operations to pay attention and watch these areas. Know that humans have also shifted, and that means that humans can shift some old energies out. That means that some humans need to be cleared as well.

The divine encourages soul group leaders and regional leaders to keep up the good work and continue the clearing of humans who carry excessive old energies. It is soul group leaderís responsibility to clear their group members because the soul group leaders have the divine blueprint of their soul group members. And soul group leaders know how to clear their soul group members. It is the divine design according to soul contract.

The divine says so far, the latest shift is a great success. The planet and humanity are very happy with this new realm. The process has completed. Now the divine and the company of heaven have switched gears and are watching the planet for any sign of old energies. The divine says that it is critical that the divine operations begin at the moment when the old energies show up so that the clearing operations can be quick and efficient.

Thank you for your service and great work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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