March 24th, 2020

Gaia is removing the imbalanced miscreated energies

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. The situation on the planet is very disturbing. The Divine has been working to calm down the collective and get the situation under control. As for today, the atmosphere is getting clearer. The planet, herself, seems more relaxed. And humanity at large is coming to a point where the planet wide chaos can be controlled. The situation is going to improve. The planet is lightening up quite a bit. And the overall process is improving. And that is the bright side of the situation.

Gaia, too, has been working diligently to get things under control. Gaia knows that it is time for her children to balance the energies. this balancing act that has caused this imbalance right now. The energies that caused this extreme chaos are the energies that Gaia has to work on. It is a difficult task for Gaia because in order to balance the imbalanced energies, she literally has to eliminate some unwanted and miscreated energies. And that is a very challenging thing to do. Gaia loves the planet and Gaia knows that the planet is in such an unbalanced place. Her children are not well. Some of her children are severely ill. Some may have to be totally removed from the planet. . However, in order for the planet to be balanced and healed, Gaia has no choice but to remove the unbalanced elements and mistakenly produced energies. Now that process is already started.

Once Gaia finishes the removal process, the energies on the planet can be balanced again. The removal process may take some time, but, nevertheless, the process has started. That is why the planet is already lightening up. Humanity has already felt the hopeful energies coming from Mother Earth and Gaia’s children. Together, Gaia and the Divine will make this process quick. Together, Gaia and humanity will heal the planet and rebalance Gaia’s energies and her children’s energies. That is the news. I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother. So it is.

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