Mar 26th, 2024

Two rounds of mass ascension has been completed since Palm Sunday

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a message for the planet and humanity.

Since Palm Sunday, the mass ascension has started. It is the ascension and resurrection time. There are two rounds of mass ascension that have been done so far. Right now, the divine operation is working to clear the old energies from some humans. The divine says soon as the clearing is over, the third round and the last round of the mass ascension will begin.

The divine says in the last two rounds of the ascension, majority of the energies on the planet have ascended. Humanity has ascended in great numbers. There are souls who have dense energies are being cleared now. The divine says that the last round of ascension can be challenging because a lot of souls in this round need deep cleansing. And the divine has been working nonstop to clear these souls. The divine says that the clearing is ending soon. Once the clearing is over, the last round of mass ascension will start.

Meanwhile, the divine says that there are some areas of the planet have deep buried energies and there are large numbers of divine beings are busy removing the old energies. The divine says because the amounts of the old energies are large, therefore, the removal process will take a little time. the divine has given the divine decree to make such that the removal process is thorough and complete. The divine also asks light workers in the region to take part in the clearing efforts so that together, the clearing process can be totally done and thoroughly completed. The divine has given the regional leaders authority to completely remove energies that are no longer allowed on the planet. once the removal is done, the planet will be completely free from the old energies and will be ready to move on to the next phase. That is the divine decree and the divine asks leaders and the planet to be aware of.

The divine says that this mass ascension has been going very fast. Humans are ascending smoothly. The planet herself has ascending nicely as well. Yes, there are areas that still have old energies and are in need of cleaning. However, the planet is much more clearing now. Humans are extremely grateful for a cleaner planet and humans in general, are happier and hearts are open. That is great accomplishment. The divine and the company of heaven are greatly grateful and feel much more relaxed and hopeful. We get a clean planet now. And that is the hard work of our light worker’s the divine says. Light workers are the heroes and deserve the clear planet indeed. Thank you for your service and dedication. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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