Mar 29th, 2024

The planet has returned to her fully completed clean self on Good Friday

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a special message for the planet and humanity.

The divine says that today is special. It is special not only because it is Good Friday. it is special also because of today, the planet has returned to her clean self, that is to say that the divine operations to clear the planet has completed. The clearing efforts have done a great job. The planet now has been completely cleared. The process is done.

The divine says that now the planet is freed and she has been thoroughly examined and repaired. All of the sentient beings have also been examined and cleared. After the examination and cleanup, humanity has now started re occupying the planet. And the divine has given the green light for the process to begin. After the examinations, new humans have started returning to their new home in the higher realm.

The planet now has occupied by new humans. How amazing is that. The divine and the company of heaven are so excited and happy for the new chapter for the planet and humanity.

The divine and the company of heaven are in the process of positioning ascending new humans on the planet right now. The divine says because the process has just started, it is going to take a little time to complete. Some soul groups started earlier and move fast. Others have started, however, because of the large size of the groups, there are soul groups that will need more time to finish the entering of their new home. And that is ok. Their process is unique to them, and the divine has given soul groups plenty of time to position them selves in the higher realm.

The divine also gave some soul groups plenty of time to move because they are normally groups that have their own speed and by nature, these groups need more time.

The divine has also reorganized light workers since light workers are in different stages of the development and some have retired. The divine has given huge numbers of light workers divine decree for their next phase. The divine says that light workers have been given divine orders and partially, it is because in the past, there were cases where light workers escaped their divine duties and that have left the divine plan and the planet venerable, and damage has been done. In the future, the divine has policy in place, light workers have been carefully examined and now, the light workers who have been sent to mission are divinely chosen. And they have the divine decree and their divine mission will be monitored to make sure that light workers will conduct their divine duties and no more deserters.

The divine has started light workers who have critical mission. The divine has examined and reorganized the important light workers and that includes the divine team members. After the evaluation, the divine says that numbers of the divine team members are ready for their new mission. The divine will send out calls so that the divine team can be gathered and start the team mission on new earth.

The divine has been working to gather light workers and help them to get on their next mission. The divine says in time to come, there are great numbers of light workers who will be called. The divine asks them to hear the call and start the new phase. The divine has given leaders authority to make sure that soul groups are ready for the group mission. Each soul group is unique and has its own mission. The divine says that soul groups have been thoroughly evaluated. Soul groups leaders all have been examined and reassigned and now they have agreed to lead the group and move forward.

The divine says in time to come, there are soul groups that will be given divine mission. The divine asks these groups and their leaders to hear the divine calls when time comes and conduct mission with full commitment and dedication. On new earth, the spiritual laws require souls and soul groups to fulfill mission and that is the way that new earth was built.

Thank you for your service and great work. Enjoy the new chapter of the planet and humanity and most importantly, enjoy the success of your hard work and being on new earth. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven, under the law of grace, so it is.

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