March 3rd, 2020

The Divine had a breakthrough with the final disclosure

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The energy today is suitable for pushing the Divine plan forward, and that is what the Divine did. The Divine and the company of heaven have been working hard to advancing the Divine plan, Especially the final disclosure. Today, we have made progress in terms of publishing the final disclosure. What I mean is that we, the Divine have news on the final disclosure. Our Divine team has finally gotten the final disclosure on the agenda, And the date is available. Once the final disclosure happens, the Divine team will declare our presence on the planet, And our Divine team will officially be made known. That is the news.

In pushing forward with the final disclosure, the Divine has been working nonstop. What the Divine has been doing is to get the final disclosure published so that the Divine will be known to the planet and humanity. However, because of the fear factor and other hurdles, the Divine has had difficulty in the process of getting the final disclosure done. We have tried different venues and different personalities. Eventually, we had a breakthrough. We now have the date. It means that when the time comes, our Divinely inspired personality will make the announcement. Our final disclosure will happen. It means that we, the Divine will show our presence to the planet. And the Christ will come and lead the ascension process. All is in Divine’s timing indeed.

We, the Divine are pretty happy with the person who will make the final disclosure. We knew that the person who was designated to make the announcement was no longer a reliable source. We, the Divine had to change the plan because of that. But now, we found a new person who will be the Divinely-appointed final disclosure announcer. For that, we, the Divine have deep appreciation for this Divinely inspired personality and the Divine act. We are indeed very thrilled.

I love you dear angels on earth. In the upcoming time, our Divinely inspired personality will announce our Presence on earth. This warrior not only will make the announcement about the Divine presence, but also will make the case for Gaia’s ascension. The planet and humanity need to know that the ascension process is underway. Gaia’s restoration phase has begun. Humanity is in the middle of a mass awakening process. And the process is going to take some serious time. The Divine is here for the sake of Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s mass awakening. Your Father God is here and he is going to lead the process. The planet needs to be rebuilt badly. And that rebuilding process needs to happen now. All this information needs to be known by humanity now. And that is why we, the Divine want the final disclosure to happen quickly. Once the planet and humanity know what it is happening, the entire process can move forward quickly and Gaia’s next phase will be handled rather carefully by the planet and humanity. That is why it is essential that humanity knows what it is going on right now.

In the days to come, the Divine is going to continue the push for final disclosure. We have the candidate now and what is next, is the date. We, the Divine have designated a timeframe for the final disclosure. And that timeframe is still on. It means that the entire Divine plan is basically the same except that we now have a different announcer. The Divine will continue the process and we will continue the push for the final disclosure. Time is getting very close. And the Divine will make sure that everything will happen according to the Divine plan. That is what we all strive for at the moment.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Divine Mother. In terms of Gaia’s ocean floors and repair process, all is still on schedule. We have activated Gaia’s ocean floors and ocean waters. It means that Gaia’s next phase has already started. No matter where you are or on which part of the ocean front you reside, Gaia’s ocean floors are going to be torn down and the repair work started. If you live near the ocean waters, my advice is that you stay alert and be careful. Know Gaia’s ocean waters are going to change. Ocean waves are going to be coming on shore. Big changes are on the agenda for the next few weeks. Know what you are facing and preparing yourself.

There are certain regions on the planet that will have to be emptied out. The Souls in these regions have been summoned because of the Divine plan. At a soul level, they know what they need to do and they need to follow their soul purpose. However, because of the lack of the Divine guidance and the divine connection, souls who cannot hear their Divine guidance may continue their ego driven agendas and lives. What the Divine can do is to continue the push for these souls to hear the Divine plan and act on it.

In terms of the time lines for the changes, the Divine has already started the process. In your reality, the Divine plan may take days, for some regions, a little longer time to be manifested and realized. That means you may see the changes coming in a few days or longer. But the bottom line is that the process has begun. Gaia’s ocean floors are going to be repaired next. And that is what is to come. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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