March 8th, 2020

Humanity has gone too far in terms of detaching from Mother Earth

Beloved family, the Divine has been working to assist Gaia and humanity on the releasing, and healing Gaia’s wounds and hurts. The process is very intense as you can see, and the result of Gaia’s healing is currently being reflected in the wide spread virus infection. Gaia has been abused for so long and the planet has been depleted so badly, and the healing is going to get even more intense.

Divine Mother said that Gaia has so much healing to do that humanity has not seen anything yet. What Gaia is doing now is just the beginning of the releasing of the past abuses. Her children were abused badly and that karmic debt is humongous. humanity has to work out that karma with Gaia’s children, and that will take some time. Gaia knows how much the planet wants the healing done. But in reality, it is just the beginning. Animals are the ones that need healing right now. Gaia has asked humanity not to abuse the animals and live peacefully with the animal kingdom. However, humanity has not heard Gaia’s call and has not learned the lessons. Gaia’s children continue to suffer from human consumption. That makes Gaia furious and that is what the planet is healing right now. The planet is healing the relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom.

Divine Mother said that the wide spread infection just started. Humanity needs to look to nature for the cure. The Divine tried to direct some scientists to the remedy but to no vail. Divine Mother says that humanity is so far removed from nature, that humanity has no clue what the cure is or how to contain the diseases. nature provides the remedy but the scientists do not have a clue of understanding it, not to mention looking into it through nature.

Divine Mother said that humanity has gone too far in terms of detaching from Mother Earth. It has no way to find the cure without waking up to the reality that the remedy is widely available in nature. Mother Earth has the cure. Mother Earth is the provider and humanity needs to look at it and work on the remedy. Mother Nature is so versatile. Mother Earth has thousands types of herbs which cure all human illnesses. The entire ecosystem was designed to have a self sustained environment. In other words, whatever humanity needs, Gaia provides, including herbal medicines and minerals. Gaia has it all. Your Father has designed it that way. Humanity just needs to wake up and start working with Mother Earth. The cure is on earth.

I love you dear ones. The reason I want to share this information with you is so you can help by sending love and light to the scientists and researchers, and hope that they look to the right place for the cure for this infection. Of course, the karmic lessons humanity has to learn. But hopefully the course will be manageable and humanity can learn the lessons and move on.

I hope you can join me and send the scientists the love and light so that they may wake up to their Divine guidance within and find the natural remedy for humanity at large. My love for you all.

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