March 9th, 2020

Divine Mother says the new Era has arrived

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share my love with you. I know that the old energies are disappearing. The planet is releasing the old fiercely. The old paradigm is done. Along with the old patriarchal energies which have ruled this planet for the last few thousands years. Now the timeline has shifted. The Christ Era has already started. The new Golden Age has dawned. What you are experiencing now is the new dawn of a new era, and the collapsing of the old paradigm.

The old has to go in order for the new to be born. The new Era has been, energetically, started since last Fall when your Father God started the rule of the planet. He is now coming to the human reality. In other words, the new phase is going to be lead by your Father Godís incarnation. Your Father has appointed a representative who will be the leader for the next phase which just started. The next phase is Gaiaís restoration phase. It is fundamentally very important because the entire planet is going to go through a rebuilding process. The populations are going to be moved around. Countries on the ocean front and countries that are in the watershed of Gaiaís makeup, will have great changes coming. And in order for the process to be manageable during this great period of changes, your Father God has come and he will lead the entire process. He is now in the process of coming online. Once the planet achieves a certain level of peace and calm, the Christ incarnated will start his mission and starts his leading role.

However, in the next few months, the planet will have to adjust itself. Humanity will have to wake up to the news that the old paradigm has done. The planet is in a new phase, a new Era, the Christ Era is here. The new Golden Age has arrived. Humanity needs to wake up and know that a new paradigm already arrived. This new paradigm is totally different from what humanity knew, and that may cause confusion but nevertheless, the planet has already decided to ascend and that decision was Gaiaís and Divineís. Humanity has to learn to live with Gaiaís decisions and learn about this new paradigm. It is a learning curve for humanity. But nevertheless, it will serve the planet and Gaia. That is why the shift was needed.

The planet now has ascended. Humanity too, has arrived at a much higher realm. The journey upward is intense but also fruitful. Gaia is happy about where the planet is and how well the planet and humanity are adjusting. The end result is quite satisfactory to the Divine and Gaia. From this point on, Gaia is going to participate in the whole plan, including the shift designed to bring the United States upward. The design was for the United States to be the first country to ascend. Currently, the process is going extremely well. The United States, as a country and a leader in this ascension process, is almost getting to the position that the design is. In other words, the United States has almost arrived at its destination. In the next few days or so, the Divine is going to continue the uplifting of the United States till it arrives at its destiny. Once that happens, the Divine will trigger the final disclosure. The final disclosure has been all set. The date is quite intense but it will serve the next the process well.

Besides that, the Divine will also bring the entire Divine to the planet and show to the planet and humanity itís existence. The planet and humanity need to know that the Divine is here. The Christ is here. Gaia has ascended and the original design needs to be recovered from where the planet is now. The recovery process is called Gaiaís ascension process. Some call it great shift. One way or the other, we need to rebuild the planet so that the planet earth will go back to her pristine condition. This blue planet has been designed to be a pure and a high vibrational place for the Divine incarnated souls. Now the time has come for the planet to be purified and restored to her original blueprint. And the process has started. Humanity will have to adjust to the process and live with the process, along the way, learning about how to live as ascended new human race. It is a tall order, but it is what humanity needs to do. Together, with the help of the Divine and light workers, we will achieve the Divine goals and bring the planet to her pristine condition. Gaia has faith and she knows that her children will too, have faith and live up to their Divine plan. Together, we prevail. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace.

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