May 1st, 2022

All soul groups have arrived on new earth. New Era has begun.

Dear family of love and light, Gaia and the Divine have great news to share with the planet and humanity.

Yesterday's mass ascension and healing session was an extraordinary one. During the session, we, the Divine, the league of archangels and millions of light beings, along with light workers who have participated in the session, together, have uplifted all the soul groups to new earth. Plus, with the uplifting we did in last two weekends, the Mass ascension is now done. All souls on the planet have been brought up to new earth except the ones who won't participate in this physical ascension by soul contract.

The mass ascension has been an intense procedure. The Divine and all beings of light have done so much to make sure the process was successful. So now the end result is astonishing despite the interference and impeding attempts. The Divine was able to defeat the repeated interferences and all the interfering energies have been removed. Now the mass ascension is done. All souls have arrived on new earth. Great success.

Now all the soul groups and countries have arrived on new earth. There are changes for some countries in terms of their borders and sizes on new earth. Some soul groups have a smaller size on new earth. There are also countries and soul groups that have bigger sizes and different borders. The new earth was designed by Gaia and it is a resource-based design. The Divine wants all the soul group leaders to know the changes and make sure that there is no confusion about the differences between new earth and old earth in terms of sizes and borders.

Gaia and the Divine understand that some soul groups are trying to figure out where their borders are. On new earth, different soul groups have different makeups. Some have bigger territory, others shrink in size. It is all Gaia's design and there are no mistakes involved. Gaia asks all soul groups to keep figuring things out and know that the size of all soul groups and countries are designed by her and there is no room for misunderstanding.

The last thing the Divine wants to do is to say thank you to all participants in Saturday's session. It was intense and powerful. We have done a great deal and overcame great difficulties. With the help of the Divine and millions of the star brothers and sisters, Gaia's third round of the mass ascension has succeeded. For that, Gaia and the Divine are very grateful for your work and brilliant and powerful light. The Divine wants to remind all the participants that this event will be in the history books of the new earth and making notes is recommended. Divine love and blessings to you. Linda Li, Mother Goddess and Gaia. So it is.

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