May 3rd, 2022

The Divine has already started the process of establishing the Divine government

Dear family of love and light, the planet has ascended, and so has humanity. The Divine and Gaia say that the planetary ascension was a successful one. Mother Earth and humanity now have settled on new earth. All is well indeed.

According to the overall Divine plan, what comes next is the establishment of the Divine government. The Divine already started the process. Gaia is very anxious to start the Divine government on new earth. She hopes that the physical Divine government will function in the months to come. The Divine understands Gaia's desire and tries to get the ball rolling.

To establish the Divine government on earth has been the goal for the planet and humanity. The Divine has planned all the steps and details. Especially in the last few years, the Divine has been strategically working to bring the Divine government online. Now since the planetary ascension has been accomplished, bringing the Divine government to physical reality is the critical step in order to continue Gaia's remapping process. In other words, Gaia's remapping process needs the Divine government, and the Divine government will lead and manage Gaia's remapping process. That is the design and Gaia wants to start the process.

So what does the Divine plan for the Divine government entail, you may ask? Make a long story short, at this point, what Gaia and the Divine need to establish is to bring Father's incarnation to the position so that he can lead the remapping process. That is the critical part and this part of the plan needs to be established so that Gaia's remapping process can be continued.

The Divine has plans on how to proceed. The Divine has the steps designed so that the process can be smooth and established quickly enough for Gaia's remapping process required. Gaia is ok with the Divine plan. And now the Divine plan has started.

In time to come, the Divine and Gaia will give more details about the process and progress. The Divine hopes that our light workers know the process has begun and know that the Divine plan is working well. All is in Divine's timing. That is the message.

Divine blessings to you. Linda Li, Mother Father God and the company of heaven. So it is.

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