May 5th, 2022

Children on new earth have started their soul mission

Dear family of love and light, Mother Goddess has a quick update for the planet.

Mother Goddess says that since humanity has anchored on new earth, Countries and soul groups are also anchored and all started the new earth existence and new earth living.

New earth living is different from 3rd dimensional living. Souls on new earth have different laws to follow. On new earth, souls are being asked to follow the spiritual laws and serve their soul purpose religiously. All souls have a purpose and a mission to fulfill. On new earth, a soul's purpose has a lot to do with Gaia's remapping process. Souls know that. And now souls arrived on new earth, and souls know it is time to perform their soul purpose.

Today, the Divine wants to remind mothers and parents on new earth about their children on new earth. Parents and caregivers need to know that New Age children carry a great deal of tasks for Gaia's remapping process. Each and every one of these children has a specific mission and task started the moment they have arrived. as soon as they arrived on the new earth, new age childrens' gigantic missions were activated and started. Parents and caregivers need to know that and pay attention to these children.

Some new age children are tasked to carry Gaia's energy on new earth. If your child is one of these Gaia carriers, please know that these children will most likely want to connect with mother earth day and night, meaning out in nature so that they can connect with Gaia and help Gaia well. Make accommodations if needed so that these children will feel peaceful in their heart because they know that they are doing their soul job.

For some children whose mission is to be Gaia's care giver, these children will want to participate in healings for mother earth. They have the healing keys and codes in them and their soul knows how. The parents are suggested to follow these children's instincts and give these children a lot of space and allowance so that they can conduct their mission. If these children feels that they can not perform their mission, they may have difficulties staying peaceful and silent. The Divine advises parents to give these children space and let them perform their mission.

The Divine says that there are some groups of children who are meant to lead their soul groups in this remapping process. These children are great souls in a small human body and that means conducting their critical mission can be very challenging. The Divine encourages parents and caregivers to try to understand them and support these children to do their Divine duties.

New Age children were designed differently from previous generations. The parents and society may have a hard time understanding them. And that makes it really challenging for these children to perform their tasks. Mother Goddess asks the planet and humanity to have understanding and love for these new age children, and give the benefit of the doubt when seeing them performing their soul mission. That is the message.

Divine blessings to you. Linda Li, Mother Goddess. So it is.

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