May 6th, 2022

Divine Healing session on Saturday at 10AM EST

Divine family of love and light, Mother Goddess and the ancient Goddesses have tasked me to host a healing session tomorrow at 10AM EST through zoom. Zoom link will be sent out one hour before the session begins.

Mother Goddess has designed this healing session for the light workers. The purpose of this session is to heal the wounds of the mothers, mother child relationship and the misunderstanding of Mother Goddess on the planet earth.

Mother Goddess says that throughout human history, Divine Feminine has been misunderstood, mistreated and abused. Throughout the planet earth, especially in the west, Mother Goddess has been cast out of human existence except for some indigenous nations and societies. The idea that Mother Goddess gave birth to the human souls is novel and not accepted. Humanity literally thinks that it is the Father God who gave them their soul and life. They worship the Father as if their life was created by Father God and Father God is the only legitimate God there is. And this kind of thinking and worshiping has been going on for a very long time. Souls on the planet have been deeply programmed to the point that in their heart and mind, Mother Goddess plays no role in their existence and human life. Mother Goddess has literally become a fictional figure that no one reveres, no one respects, and no one even knows of her existence as life goes on. Now the planet and humanity have ascended to the higher realm. Mother Goddess's energies have been felt by all souls on earth. Souls cannot understand Mother's energy and have confusion about kundalini, which is Mother's energy. Souls on earth currently are having difficulty to overcome the confusion of Mother's energy and therefore, fear comes in -- fear of the Mother's energy and fear of the Mother and Divine Feminine. Instead of learning about Mother's energy, kundalini energy, souls go in the opposite direction and start attacking, attacking the Mother Goddess and attacking the Divine plan for Mother's return. And the attack has been so severe that souls joined together and created an anti Divine Mother's movement.

Mother Goddess has recognized the severity of soul's rebelling streak and anti Mother's attacks. Mother Goddess decided to return to the planet and heal mother's wounds. The wounds have been passed down for centuries and have been deeply programmed and buried in humanity's DNA.

Mother Goddess says that the healing will take some time. And she has tasked some light workers to heal mother's wounds for the sake of humanity. Mother says that the light workers who heal mother's wounds have started their healing journey. And that is the good news. The Divine asks light workers to have compassion for the ones who heal Mother's wounds as a Divine mission. Mother Goddess has great love for these volunteered souls.

In tomorrow's healing session, Mother Father God will join us. The Divine Feminine Goddesses and the company of heaven will come to help with healing. The session will focus on the healing of mother issues, mother child issues, Divine feminine issues. Father God will pick and choose his critical light warriors after the healing. Mother Goddess will also choose the warriors for Mother Goddess's mission ahead.

Thank you for joining us in this special healing event. Mother Goddess asks light workers to take part in this Divinely designed healing session so that you can be deeply anchored on new earth and adjust well to the higher realm. There will be no Kundalini Yoga this weekend. However, joining Mother's healing session will positively soothe and calm mother kundalini energy so that healings can happen.

Zoom link will be sent out tomorrow morning. Thanks again for joining the session. Divine blessings to you. Linda Li, Mother Father God and the company of heaven. So it is.

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