May 8th, 2024

The planet is in the process of “the Third Run”

Dear family of love and light, Mother Goddess has organized the Divine beings and the company of heaven to move the divine plan forward. After series of clearing efforts, now the planet is in the process of so called “the Third Run”. The planet and humanity are extremely grateful for the Divine and the beings who are running the third run. Humans know that the third run is so significant, the third run means the end of an era and starting of a new era. And that is where the planet is, end of the old age and beginning of the new golden age.

Mother Goddess has started the process called the Third run. She says that the process is a routine. Every time when humans jump to a new level of evolution and starting a new era, beings of light will start the process of the third run. The process will completely remove the old energies and miscreations that are no longer allowed in the new age. Once the third run is over, the new epic will begin and humans will start new creation.

Mother Goddess says that traditionally, beings of light who run the third run are being called parents by humans. These beings of light are indeed the parents of humans. They have dedicated all to the planet and human development. And they are the powerful ones. At end of each epic, these powerful beings of light will run the third run so that the new age can begin. Mother Goddess says that the 144,000 original twin flames are always among the beings of light who run the third run. And they are greatly appreciated by humans and the Divine for their dedication and great love for the planet and humanity.

Mother Goddess says that running the third run is a great honor. In the higher realm, beings of light recognize the ones who run the third run and give them great respect for their great work. Mother Goddess says that this time around, the third run takes longer and a lot of effort. The divine has split the beings of light to groups so that the third run will completely clear the planet and the new epic can begin.

Mother Goddess says since the start of the third run a couple of days ago, huge progress has been made. The planet is crystal clear, and humans have been cleared greatly. Mother Goddess says because the planet needs so much clearing, it looks like that the third run will last more time. The beings of light who are running the third run are happy to keep clearing the planet because they have so much love for the planet and humanity and they have great desire to make sure that the old is completely gone. And the new can start.

Mother Goddess says among light workers, there are some who are running the third run. They have been on the planet for a long time, and for some, they have come to the planet from the beginning. They are being called the parents of the planet and humans. They are powerful beings and now they are running the third run. Mother says that the entire divine has great appreciation for them and wants to thank them for their dedication and great love for humanity and the planet. Now they are running the third run, the entire cosmos is watching with great joy and admiration. Light workers shall know that Mother Goddess says.

After the third run finishes, the Divine will start the new epic. Humanity will become a brand new human race officially and the planet and humans will have a new clean slate for the new creation and new age. How exciting is that. Mother Goddess encourages light workers to continue the good work and bring the light and love to the planet and humanity. Know that the new epic is about to start. And every one will start a new chapter and new creation story will begin.

Thank you for the service and dedication. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li Mother Goddess and so it is.

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