May 10th, 2022

Gaia has asked Mother Father God to help with the next remapping process

Dear warriors of love and light, the Divine has updates for you.

The planet earth has ascended to her 5th dimensional new home, and so has humanity. The arrival of humanity has marked the end of mass ascension of humanity at a conscious level. And now humanity will need to work on the physical aspect of the ascension and going through a series of the ascension steps. Gaia has already started her next level of the ascension and the remapping process has started.

In order for Gaia's next remapping step to be successful and smooth, Gaia has asked Mother Father God to come to the planet and help with the process. Mother Father God has arrived. What comes next is the establishment of the Divine government so that Father God can start the leading role in Gaia's remapping phase.

The arrival of Mother Father God has marked the beginning of Gaia's new age, the Golden Age. The planet is preparing and so is the Divine. From this point on, the planet and humanity will have Mother Father God's presence and their representatives will be serving as the guardian parents for the planet and humanity. Mother Goddess has a great deal of work to do here on earth. However, for now, what she needs is the acknowledgement from the planet and humanity.

Once the planet and humanity know Mother Goddess and she will start her journey of healing. She says that on the planet earth, there are many regions and countries where souls don't know her and have no idea that they have a Mother Goddess who gave birth to their soul. Mother God understands the situation and she is waiting till souls recognize her as soul mother.

Now while Mother Goddess is waiting, the planetary ascension process will be intensified. Souls on earth are going through a great transformation and awakening process. Gaia, too, is going through great changes. Some of Gaia's waterways will start to change greatly. In other regions Gaia's shifts are also coming. They are all designed by Gaia and it is all according to Gaia's remapping schedule. However, the time is for the process to speed up and intensify. Humanity needs to know that.

In time to come, once the planet has more of knowledge of Mother Goddess and the Divine Feminine, Mother Goddess will start her healing process and tours. She will take the healings to the planet and the regions that need her love and energy the most. The process was designed by Mother Goddess. And all the process and healing events have been arranged already. Mother will give more details when time comes.

Thank you for doing your beautiful light work. Divine blessings to you always. Linda Li, Mother Goddess and the company of heaven. So it is.

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