May 12th, 2022

Mother Goddess is the Mother of all creation

Mother Goddess has been called by many different names throughout human history. She is the Mother of all creation. Her energy permeates all corners of the Cosmos. And her love is the glue that glues everything together in the universe.

Mother Goddess has come to the planet. Her energies are spreading and being felt by souls on earth. Her energies are the love in all souls and her love encompasses everything in the universe.

Mother Goddess has great love for all souls. She loves her children despite that some of her children have forgotten that she is the Mother and she gave birth to all souls.

Mother Goddess has great expectations because she knows that her children, some day, will recognize her and know that she is their soul Mother and her love is unconditional.

Mother Goddess has made earth her home. She loves the planet. She knows the planet well. She has great affinity toward mother earth and Gaia. She has created them. They are her children. Mother Goddess has great hope for humanity. She knows that souls on earth are brave souls. They were sent here for soul growth. She knows that planet earth is a tough school and her children get lost here from time to time. She understands the process and she has patience in waiting for her children to wake up and go home with achievements.

Mother Goddess has great expectations for the light workers. She knows how challenging it is to be a light worker on earth and at this time. She has great love for light workers. She knows them and she has great admiration for their warrior spirit and brave missions.

Mother Goddess has great hope that Gaia's remapping process will be successful. She knows that the process will have a lot of challenges and upheavals. However, she has hope that, with the help from the Divine and light workers, the process will succeed. Gaia will be happy at end of the process. Souls will ascend. And Divine plan always prevails.

Love and blessings to you.

Linda Li. So it is.

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