May 14th, 2022

Wesak Full moon Sunday special event at 10AM EST

Dear family of love and light, on this Wesak full moon and Lunar Eclipse weekend, the Divine has arranged a special event through zoom. The zoom link will be sent out one hour before the session.

In this special session, Mother Father God and their entire entourage will join us. The spiritual hierarchy on the planet, the company of heaven, and league of archangels will be present in the session as well. Together, the Divine will host a farewell party for Shakyamuni Budda and welcome the new leader Maitreya Buddha to the highest office on planet earth.

The Divine says this wesak is special on so many levels. At one level, it marks the end of Shakyamuni Buddha's tenure on earth. He has done a remarkable job and now his duty is over and Maitreya will take over his position and be the leader for the new age and Gaia's remapping process. For that, the entire Divine and heavens are celebrating the occasion. Mother Father God invite you to join the celebration and enjoy the special occasion.

During the session, Mother Goddess will also give healings to the participants. Mother Goddess has brought a group of healers to the planet. This group of healers are from high dimensions. Their expertise is to remove unwanted energies, implants and human miscreation that is hard to remove. Mother Goddess suggests that light workers come and have this special treatment and healing. It is a compensation the Divine gives to light workers and it is a very rare and valuable event.

Mother Father God will also pick and choose their inner cycle and critical light workers for the time to come. Mother Father God has called the important light workers and now is the time for these light workers to come forward and get ready for their mission.

Thank you for joining us in this special celebration. The Divine is very much looking forward to celebrate with the ground crew and light workers. Mother Goddess is waiting for her children to join us.

Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li, Mother Father God, the hierarchy on the planet and the company of heaven. So it is.

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