May 14th, 2024

Mother Goddess asks light workers and leaders to continue the clearing process

Dear family of love and light, at this moment, the divine and beings of light have been busy running the third round and continue to clear the planet and humanity. The running of the third round has done a remarkable job. As a result, the planet has been cleared greatly. Humans are much clearer. The process has advanced the divine plan and the planetary ascension. For that, Mother Goddess is very thankful for the runners and the third round run.

Since the planet is in need of deep clearing and humans are also in need of cleansing. The process of clearing is going to take some time. Mother Goddess has given the third round runners a great deal of support and asked them to keep the process going because the need is great.

Mother Goddess says in time to come once the clearing process is completed, the divine plan will move forward and then the divine will start the new age. However, for now, the third round run is needed. She asks regional leaders and light workers to continue to help with the clearing process. Particularly some areas of the planet where the deep clearing is desperately needed. She says in these areas, the planet needs a lot of clearing and repair work, light workers and regional leaders are called so that together, they can help with the clearing process. Besides the deep clearing, Mother Goddess says that there are a large number of the divine energies that have been cleared from the planet. She says that these energies had been on the planet for a long time, and huge amount of wounds and hurt have damaged the energies and the planet as well. The divine has to remove those energies from the planet and that is the latest development.

Mother Goddess says since the removal of these energies, the planet has reactions and partially, it is because these energies have been on the planet for so long and they have huge impacts on the planet. The removal of these energies tipped the scales of the planet, and that is the situation that the divine is dealing with now.

Mother Goddess says once the situation is settled, the planet will be greatly appreciated with the removal. Humans, too, will be happy because these energies have done so much damage to humans and now, humans have been liberated because these energies are finally gone.

Mother Goddess says because of the removal process, there are places on the planet that are in need of clearing. Clearing needs to be thorough, humans need to be cleared from those energies as well and that will take time because these energies have been controlling the planet and humans for so long. Now the energies are gone, humans may still feel that these energies were their rulers and it will take some time for humans to wake up to reality and adjust. Mother Goddess asks light workers and leaders to continue the clearing process and help humanity to realize that their old controllers are gone. They have been liberated.

Mother Goddess also encourages light workers to keep up the good work and be the light for the planet and humans. Know that it is time that humans need guidance and humanity needs a lot of help. light workers have the light and heart to help. light workers also know how to help by keeping the light shining and giving a helping hand if needed. Humans look up to the light workers in time like now, and that is why light workers are here. Mother Goddess says that the process has succeeded. And now is time to make adjustments and further clean up the planet and that is the update.

Thank you for your service and great work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li Mother Goddess. So it is.

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