May 15th, 2020

Souls on the planet are almost all ascended

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. The planet earth has arrived at the higher realm, and so did humanity. The ascension of the masses has achieved. Souls on the planet are almost all ascended. Yes, there are souls who have not ascended and yes, there are souls who will not ascend but that is their soul contract.

There are some souls, throughout the planet, whose soul mission is to learn about the ascension process. These souls are the ones who have ascended or still in the process Of ascending and these souls eventually will ascend. Their soul purpose is to experience the physical ascension and learn from the process. These soulís mission is different, partially, is because their sole mission is the ascension process. They are here to learn about the physical ascension process. They will spend their time and effort on the ascension journey, all aspects of the physical ascension. They not only ascend slowly by the ascension standard, along the way, they are also recording the whole process. In order for these souls to totally complete their soul mission, the Divine have given these souls a different timeframe and opportunities for them to learn about this process.

Now, even though the majority of the souls have ascended. And majority of the souls who have ascended, now are anchored in the 5th dimension. However, there are some young souls who didnít have this experience before, and these young souls are having a hard time right now. The reason that they have difficulty is because this ascension experience is new to them. Their body doesnít know how the ascension works and how the intense energies can be integrated easily. These souls are having a hard time to adjust to the 5th dimension and that is something we, the Divine and the company of heaven, are working to solve. We understand the reason why these souls have difficulties right now. And we, the Divine try to let time do the work. We know that souls who have not ascended physically before, their physical body will have a lot of the adjustments to do. The demand of the high energies to the body is enormous. The physical aspect of the ascension is the most challenging part of the entire process. Some old souls have had the experience before. The whole process is still in their cellular memory. Their body knows the process. Even though this time around, the process is quite intense and timed, but these old souls have accumulated enough wisdom in their body and DNA, so they just cruised through this process without too much of the desperation and challenges. They have ascended and their entire process basically have done. Now they can just keep their vibration high and learn to live as a brand new human avatar. Congratulations to these dear souls. You made it and you made it with ease and grace. What an amazing experience and soul journey.

Now there are some groups of souls whose decision is to leave the planet and not to participate in the ascension process. These souls have enough of the learning experience. Their soul journey will continue in the other 3D systems. There is no judgment whatsoever. Souls have decided whether they participate in the ascension process or not before birth. The reason these souls who have incarnated to the planet is because at soul level, they come to have either finish their previous lifetime missions or they come to have a little preview of the physical ascension for the future learning purpose.

In the next few years, souls are not ascending and souls who, for whatever reason, can not ascend, will depart. The departure will be throughout the timeline and also designed by the souls. Some may leave quicker than others. Some may even give a little try before leaving the planet. And some souls who actually already ascended, may also leave simply because their goal has achieved. Now their soul wants to venture out to a different journey. The mass departure time has come. All sorts of scenarios of the departure of the souls have designed before birth and by the soul.

The planet is a playground dear children. Souls come and leave with their designed blueprint in mind. Their mission has a say on how and when souls leave the planet. No souls here doesnít have a mission. And all souls are designated to be on the planet at this time. All souls who have decided to ascend, are going to venture further into the 5th dimension and explore the opportunities for the soul growth.

The planet now has all the ascended souls. That is something the Divine has dreamed of for eons of time. Souls are happy and ascended and Gaia, too, is thrilled to see her children on the new earth. Gaia has a tremendous amount of the appreciation for the Divine and the company of heaven. Because the help from the Divine and the company of heaven, Gaia was able to ascend and now the majority of her children have ascended. What an accomplishment indeed. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine.

Go in peace.

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