May 16th, 2020

Another push for the final disclosure

Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come today with good news. The Divine has started yet another push for the final disclosure. Although, this time around, we, the Divine, are pretty confident about the whole thing. Energetically, We know the outcome has happened and the outcome is exactly what we, the Divine, want it to be and exactly how it serves the greater good. We have the outcome in the inner plane, and now it is manifesting in your reality dear ones.

I know it is challenging for you because it has been a bottleneck for all of us to move forward to the next phase. The Divine has, indeed, been wanting the final disclosure to happen for quite some time. And that is what some of the Divine team members have been working on for a long while. The Divine has a understanding of the sentiment as well as the challenges our light workers feel and face. That is why we, the Divine, are very careful about how, this time around, to approach it and how we can make sure the final disclosure happens.

I love you dear angels. In the next few days or so, the Divine team will start the final disclosure push. The goal is to make it quick. All involved parties have been informed by the Divine and they know that the time has come.

The final disclosure needs to happen. For the sake of the planet and for the sake of humanity. We, the Divine, have literally run out of the patience. The souls whose mission is to make the announcement know that. These souls know that their mission is extremely critical. They know it is time for them to perform their mission. They have the Divine decree and they know how the Divine feels about their devotion and their mission. Letís give these souls a big encouragement and thank them to be the final disclosure announcers. Thank them for their work and thank them for their diligence. Let them know that their time to shine is now, and their Divine mission is so critical for the entire planet and human race. It is time for them to do the job. And the time indeed has come. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace dear angels. So it is.