May 20th, 2020

Gaia and humanity will have to go through huge changes

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God, Mother of all creation. I come today to share news. As you know, the incoming energies have been extremely high lately. The energies are for Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s restoration. The planet earth has been in a position Such that she continuously needs high Divine energies for survival. Even though the planet has been uplifted to the Photon belt and continuing to be uplifted, her core energy has not yet recovered. In other words, the planet still needs the energies to support her. She is not in a position to sustain herself. That is why sometimes, we, the Divine will bring in high energies to the planet and humanity to maintain the peace and calm while the planet is ascending.

Yes, Mother Earth has ascended and so have her children and humanity. The entire human race is now anchored in the 5th dimension. The Planet wide vibration has gone up and Is staying up in the 5th dimension, that is the good news. From this point on, Gaia’s ascension has turned a page. What is next is the restoration phase.

Gaia’s restoration process is going to be a Humongous step, And Gaia and humanity will have to go through huge changes. Mother Earth will change so dramatically that the end result is going to be a brand new human journey and new planet. In order to make sure Gaia’s restoration phase is a successful one, your Father has brought materials that have never been seen here before. The resources are very advanced for planet earth. Humanity has to really educate itself to understand the materials that will be used for Gaia’s healing and rebuilding. There are a few new elementals your Father brought here That literally have never been used anywhere in this Universe. And the science has little time to figure it out.

The reason that your Father has decided to upgrade the planet to such an advanced degree is because we, the Divine and your Father have realized that in order for this planet to be able to sustain the size of the population and the planet herself, we need to rebuild the planet to be a much more advanced planet, and humanity needs to develop into a much more advanced and civilized society. The size of the human population has far exceeded the capacity that the planet earth can sustain. In order to maintain the population on the planet, the Divine has to be creative, and that is why eventually, your Father has decided to bring the most advanced technology to the planet to upgrade Mother Earth to such a degree that she will have the new capacity for the population and she will continue to sustain the human race in the time to come.

Now, that being said, we do know that in the next few years when the planet goes through the rebuilding process, humanity is going to be impacted big time. Human life will be dramatically altered. Some regions will be permanently remapped. Some Will even go under water. Others may have to be emptied during Gaia’s rebuilding phase, and the population in these regions Will need to move. This huge undertaking is going to take some toll on human life, and that is unavoidable.

Gaia has decided to let some regions go under water and let others be emptied out, and we, the Divine also have given warnings to the regions and the souls who are in these regions. Souls who are in the regions need to heed Gaia and Divine’s call. There is not much time left. The reason that the Divine has given the warnings ahead Of time is because there are huge changes that need to happen in these regions. The changes are for Gaia’s next phase. These changes have to happen. There is no other way around. Ignoring Divine and Gaia’s warnings can cost human lives. That is why the Divine Continued to give the warnings. Now Gaia too, wants the planet and souls to hear the message and start the action. Know Gaia’s next phase has already started. The changes we talk about are indeed coming.

In the mean time, the Divine has been pushing for the final disclosure. We, the Divine have been watching the scenarios playing out. We have the confidence that the announcements are coming. The final disclosure is indeed coming. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Stay in peace dear angels. So it is.

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