May 22nd, 2022

Time to create!

The planet and humanity have started the journey on new earth. The old way of living and creating is no longer suitable for new earth. In order to create a new world that is, by design, 5th dimensional living, the new earthers will need to create from the heart with 5th dimensional spiritual laws and guiding principles.

One of the important aspect on new earth is that we are creators of our own reality. Now since the planet has arrived, and new earth magnetics have been activated. We get a clean slate, it means that it is time for us to start attracting and creating with our intention and new earth frequency. We create the life that we destine to live on new earth.

Happy creating dear new earthers. Remember that we just started new earth living. And therefore it is good time to start creating new earth systems, the Divine government and abundance for all.

Thank you. Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li

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