May 23th, 2022

Reunion of the soulmates and soul groups on New Earth

Dear family of love and light, as you know, the planet is going through the great shift. Mother Earth has shifted to her new earth existence. Gaia's new earth magnetic field has been activated and now function well. The planet and humanity are now acclimating to the new earth vibration and newly anchored Divine templates and Divine blueprints. All is well indeed.

Meanwhile, our light worker communities have been doing a great work in terms of anchoring the 5th dimensional frequencies and new human race templates. Gaia has appointed a group of souls to anchor her new earth Divine blueprint and now these souls are doing very well Gaia says. The planet and Gaia are grateful for the job well done.

In time to come, the speed that the planet spins on new earth will continue to increase. The planet will feel it, and so does humanity. Gaia asks the souls on the planet to continue to spin with her and continue to anchor on new earth. Know that the new earth has a different energetic design and blueprint. In order to deeply anchor on new earth, souls will need to work through Gaia's ley lines and be in sync with Gaia's energy body and soul's own energetic design and soul group blueprint.

According to Gaia's new earth design, souls on new earth exist as soul groups. In other words, soul group is the basic unit on new earth. Souls are designed to bond together with their own soul groups. And soul groups are divinely designed and have been coming and going together throughout the ages. Souls know their soul group by instinct.

On new earth, soul groups are going to have missions together and function as a unit. So, in time to come, souls will find their soulmates showing up from all directions and the separation of souls within the soul group is over. The Divine and Gaia ask light workers to keep the mind and heart open and recognize that time to unite with soul mates and soul group has come. Leave behind the old conflicts and resentments toward soulmates and enjoy the reunion of the soul mates and soul group members for the sake of soul group mission and soul group functionality on new earth. That is the message.

Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li. So it is.

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