May 24th, 2022

Clarion calls from Gaia

Dear family of love and light, as the planet and humanity are adjusting to new earth magnetics and the new earth frequency, the Divine and Gaia ask light warriors to keep up the good work and continue to bring the powerful love and light to the planet and humanity.

The Divine says that there are a lot of light workers whose mission is to bring the high new earth frequency to the planet and humanity. It is time now for these warriors to keep up the demand and bring in the powerful light. There are also groups of light workers who have been tasked to keep Gaia's new earth sound and safe. Gaia has asked these groups of light workers to keep the light coming so that the planet can be filled with new earth light and frequency.

Gaia's new earth was designed with a different magnetics. All of her children have been brought to new earth now. That means that Gaia's new magnetic field needs to accommodate her children and that is a very demanding job for mother earth. Gaia asks the Divine and light workers for support so that in the process of adjusting to new earth living, Gaia's children will adapt smoothly and have an easier time to adjust.

The light warriors have been called. Gaia and the Divine have been calling the light workers to keep up the light work. As Gaia's helpers and code holders, there are some light workers that Gaia has been repeatedly calling and asking for help. The Divine says that for whatever the reason, Gaia's calls have not been answered. Some light workers are not answering calls. Especially now when Gaia needs the most. The Divine says that needs to change. Light workers are meant to be here to help Gaia with her remapping process. If for some reason, light workers won't answer the duty call, then the reason to be here becomes invalid. The Divine encourages light workers to weight the situations and answer Gaia's calls and start doing the light work.

In time to come, after the planet and humanity anchor deeply on new earth, and when things settle down, Gaia will make changes to the her plan. She has decided to reorganize the plan so that she will have more power to use light workers when there is a need. She also knows that there are light workers who are here but have no interest in helping with her remapping process, she will make decision about whether these light workers will stay on earth or not. The bottom line is that she needs valuable, dedicated and dependable light workers for the next phase. And she will make sure that she has these light workers available to her when she needs them. And that is what will come next once the planet is settled.

In the next few days, Gaia's adjustment will continue. The planet and humanity are being asked to keep up the work and continue to adjust with mother earth. The pace will speed up. Gaia will also get rid of all of the old outdated miscreation. Any outdated old energies without Gaia's permission needs to leave the planet now. Gaia says that there is absolutely no room for delay or negotiation. That is the message.

Thank you for your light work and contribution to the planetary ascension process. Gaia and the Divine have great appreciation for the work have been done. Gaia asks the light warriors to keep up and continue to uplift the planet and humanity. The planet and humanity need your light work and your dedication, and the time is now.

Blessings to you.

Linda Li, Gaia and the Divine. So it is.

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