May 30th, 2022

Another wave of Gaia's remapping changes is coming

Dear family of love and light, the Divine says that in the upcoming days and weeks, there will be another wave of planetary changes. Changes are related to Gaia's remapping process. Gaia has just triggered new changes. She wants the planet and humanity to know that next wave of changes is coming.

Gaia says that it depends on the location of the regions, and the remapping schedule of the region, changes can be different for different regions. For some regions, changes will be big changes. And the Divine has given the green light on these changes. For some other regions, planetary changes are slow coming and that is because Gaia designed it that way. She has designed the remapping process in this way so that when regions go through changes, there will be other regions that stay still so that the whole planet can be stable. This design is necessary, and it works well.

In Gaia's design, regions that have more changes are the regions that scheduled to have the remapping process first. Particularly the regions that has Gaia's attention and she wants to start with these regions. That is why she started with these regions often. She has the new map, and she knows what is the best route to remap the planet and therefore, the process has the best possible design.

So in time to come, please know that the planetary ascension will speed up. The planetary changes will increase and the intensity will be increased as well. Gaia is on the move and she has the needs to start another wave of changes again. Both Gaia and Mother Earth are ready for it, and Gaia has started the changes. That is the news.

Divine blessings to all.

Linda Li, Divine, Gaia and the company of heaven. So it is.

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