May 7th, 2019

Mother Mary on the Month of May and the latest happenings

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The Divine has decided to continue pushing the Divine agenda. The current agenda is for the planet to continue to awaken so that once the percentage of the population awakened reaches a certain point, we, the Divine will come in, and Gaia has agreed with the decision.

Currently, Gaia is in a holding pattern. The Divine invited Gaia to release, but due to the fear Gaia has for her children, she wants to delay the big release and that is why the big event has not happened yet. But, nevertheless, a reasonable level of releasing has been nonstop, and that helps Gaia to feel better. Mother Earth has a sense of relief. For that, we, the Divine have decided to focus on awakening the planet, and let Gaia and humanity continue to heal.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. The Month of May has arrived. May is the Month of the Mother. And the energy of May has the maximum amount of Motherís love and nurturing. It is the time for the planet to start loving herself and the children of the planet to receive Divine Motherís compensation. Traditionally, every year, the Divine and the company of heaven, will use the Month of May to shower the planet with Divine Motherís special loving compensation, to let humanity and Gaia know that their Divine Mother loves them. Now, since the beginning of 2012, when Divine Mother Father God had started their journey to the planet, things have changed quite a bit. At least in the last few years, the Divine has continued to bring Divine Motherís energy to the planet, so that Gaia has a chance to revive herself, and the planet has more reasons to feel better.

The Divine Mother/Fatherís energies have been intensifying in the last year or so. The entire planet now can feel their energies. The Christed heart has been awakened, and the Christ energy has literally bombarded the planet so that the planet wide population will have a chance to wake up. The Month of May is the Month of awakening. The souls on the planet know that, and the rate of awakening has reached an all time high. The Divine and the company of heaven, are very happy about it. That is the Month of the May.

I love you dear heart. In the process of bringing the Divine here, to the planet. We, the Divine, also have learned that the planet has been occupied, at least a portion of the planet, has been occupied by a group of souls who were not supposed to be the leaders, but they made themselves to be the leaders, and lead a big portion of the planet. Their influence has been far and wide, and that has been an issue. recently, we, the Divine and the company of heaven, have identified this soul group and intended to bring them home. Currently, this group of souls are under the Divine arrest, and the Divine is getting them together to ship them home. They are not supposed to be here. And they have made a big mess here on the planet, now they have been stopped. The portion of the planet has been liberated. For that, the Divine is quite pleased, and the planet can not thank the Divine and the company of heaven enough.

However, even though this group of souls has been stopped, but their residual influences is still tangible. In order for the influence to be completely removed, we, the Divine, have to remove some of the servants of this group. These individuals are quite powerful. They occupy majority of the global leadership roles, and bring the planet to such a low point that we need to bring these individuals home so that together, Gaia and humanity can be totally free from these leaders who donít do any good for the planet. That is the goal. That is next to come. We will bring these individuals home, one by one, so that eventually, Christ will have the planet cleaned and ready.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days, the Divine is going to carry out yet another round of the releasing. This time, the release will be planet wide. Divine and the company of heaven, want the release to impact far and wide so that together, we bring relief to Gaia and humanity. I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.