November 1st, 2019

Mother God on karmic consequences and her incarnations

Dear ones, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I know that there are quite a number of the light workers who currently are on the planet, and their missions are critical. I say critical because what they do is closely related to the daily Divine plan or the change of the Divine plan. In other words, they are the Divine plan carriers. They carry the Divine plan in their heart and their vibration. Under any circumstance, if their vibration gets changed or modified, our Divine plan does too. That is how these light workers work, and that is why they are so protected by the Divine team. Their mission can be the fate of the Divine plan. To put it in a simple term, they are the divine law carriers, the Divine plan carriers. The success of the Divine plan depends on their mission and their vibration. They are your Mother Godís reincarnations, and they carry my total trust and the Divine plan.

Now, due to the density of the 3D reality, some of my aspects have been absorbed into the ego games. All they think of is the win or lose games. Whether their Divine plan gets jeopardize or not is no longer their concern. And that has to change.

I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. I know that my angels on earth love their Mother God. It is just the games the human psyche has played through the incarnations, have gotten to these children of mine, and as result of that is that these children of mine became ego driven and self centered. They forgot their Divine origin and their Motherís light in them. All their ambition is human concerned, and all their drive becomes mundane. That is a sad thing. I have repeatedly asked these children of mine to follow their heart, and serve the Divine. Nevertheless, I have not seen their actions. Now, after consulting with your Father God, we have decided to bring some of my aspects home. They need Divine guidance and they need to come home to rest their soul and get healed. It is time.

I know some may say, dear Mother, what happens after they return home? What happens dear ones, because some of them have broken the spiritual laws, and started their own ego driven agendas, what happens is that they will go through a series of trainings. The Divine will send their souls to the school where their souls can heal, and some may need rebuilding process. Once that process is done, their soul may return to the planet to complete their mission. Others may choose not to return to Gaia and stay in the higher realm instead. Nevertheless, these souls will have to heal themselves. These souls who have broken the spiritual laws will have to face the consequences of breaking my laws, and that is how the spiritual laws work. It doesnít matter who you are in your essence. Divine laws require all souls to obey the laws of their Mother God and that is universal.

Dear ones, I love you. I am your Mother God. I know that it is a challenging time right now on the planet, and the lawlessness has shown its ugly face to the planet and humanity. Souls on the planet are suffering deeply because of these law breakers. The Divine has knowledge of the situation. Your Father God and I, are literally working nonstop in terms of bringing the Spiritual law breakers home. What you see is the result of that.

These law breakers are on their way out. They have been called home to face the Divine and do whatever their souls have been told to do. What you see in some cases are pure ego driven games. These games are on full display right now in the political arena. The politics are ugly games, the planet and humanity are starting to realize that, and that is why the public has shown distain toward the politicians and politics. This time and this part of the ascension has a little more release to go. Once all the ugliness is removed, the Divine will switch gears, and bring the universal laws and the Divine team to the world stage. Humanity will start the new era, the Golden Age of the Christ, the second coming some call it. The Christ, your Father God, will lead the new era. He has the Divine authority and he is the sole leader for the upcoming Golden Age. He has earned that leadership role, and all the Divine and the company of heaven, will serve him in full capacity. I am here for the purpose of supporting him as well. Part of mine job is to make sure his journey is smooth. I am the Divine law giver. Any time there is a spiritual law related issue, I will work with your Father, to make sure all the Divine laws are intact and followed. All souls are required to obey the universal laws, these laws are designed to bind everything together in the great Cosmos. Your Father and I work as a team. He is my support in terms of enforcing the universal laws. He has my total authorization and my total trust. Whenever there is a law breaking activity, your Father will have to take actions. He is the ultimate law officer, and he is the leader of the universe. He definitely has all the support he needs. And that is why I say we are a team.

I love you dear angels, I am your Mother God. I know there is confusion about my incarnations and my aspects. Yes, I have incarnated right now on the planet, in human form. I also have hundreds and thousands of aspects on the planet right now. They are pure love, they are my energies and they each have a specific reason to be here on the planet. The main reason I have sent forward hundreds and thousands of my aspects to this planet, at this time, is because the ascension opportunity is rare. I want my children to come and experience physical ascension. Of course, along the way, they can help Gaia and humanity. What a beautiful trip it could be. That is why you see so many Mother Gods are there and they all have found their way which is a great relief.

Now, even though these angels of mine are your Motherís aspects. It doesnít mean that they are equal in the sense of how they conduct their Divine mission, and what their Divine mission is. There are only a couple of my incarnations who have the authority of their Mother God and they represent me. These couple of souls are the Divine appointed Mother Godís torch bearers. There are three of them right now on the planet. I have hand picked these three to be here at this time. They have the Divine decree to represent me in full capacity. They have your Fatherís support as well. In the future, these three Mother God incarnated souls will be the Mother figure for the planet and human race. They have the crown in their heads, and they represent me, your Mother God. They are the Divine law carriers, and their mission is just that critical.

Regardless who the soul is on the planet, the highest soul is your Mother God and your Father Christ. They are the highest authority on the planet and human race is required to obey the Divine Mother Father God. That is the universal law and the law of love for the Mother God. Your Mother God is the pure Divine love. She is in every one of you, so is your Father God. Learn to love your Mother Father God and your Divine parents dear children on earth. Know it is spiritual law of the planet and throughout the universe. Your soul knows that. It is just the human mind that needs the education. Do what your soul requires so that your journey home will be smooth. And your Divine plan can be completed without disruptions. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear angels. So it is.

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