November 10th, 2020

The Divine has opened the 11:11 portal

Dear beloveds, the 11:11 portal is now open. Yes. The Divine has opened the 11:11 portal, and flame of Ascension is streaming in as this message is being broadcasted.

The Divine says that this particular portal is very powerful. It is designed for this particular time and it serves a particular purpose. The Divine says that this portal will stay open till the end of the year so that the purpose of this portal will be fully fulfilled.

Traditionally, the 11:11 portal was designed for the twin souls. Every year at this time, the Divine would bestow a tremendous amount of compensation to the Divine-sent twin flames for their services and devotion to their mission and Divine purpose.

Twin souls who have been incarnated to the planet from the beginning are the ones who benefit from this portal the most because they have been coming to the planet since the beginning. And these souls have performed a great contribution to the planet and humanity. Over time, the Divine learned that the planet had gotten denser and denser, and it became more and more challenging for these souls to come and serve, especially the twin souls. So, sometimes, they take turns to incarnate. If one of them incarnated, the other would stay in the higher realm so that they can be balanced and get the job done. The Divine also started sending these twin souls Divine compensation for their journey. Sometimes, the compensation got to the receivers. Other times, for whatever reason, the Divine compensation would not reach the intended receivers. So the Divine has decided to use a portal to deliver the Divine compensation. And that is how the portal 11:11 was created.

Now since this portal was established, there have been a great number of twin flames who have received the Divine blessings and some of them have United with their Divine counterpart. The Divine is very pleased with the achievements.

However, there are still a big number of Twin souls who need to reunite. There are many reasons for that. The Divine wants the souls to continue to work on that and the Divine will continue to bring the blessings to these souls.

Twin flames are the Divine-sent unique souls. Their mission, generally speaking, is very important and critical. These souls have a great record of serving the Divine and the planet. Some of them came to the planet even before the creation started. Some you call them the 144,000 in the Biblical story. They are indeed the old souls and an important part of the planetary history, since the planet is now graduating and the overall project has been done. The Divine has asked the 144,000 to reunite with their Divine partners so that they can come home in union.

For The ones who still need to reunite, this portal is an extremely auspicious opportunity. The Divine strongly encourages you to take this opportunity to reunite with your twin soul. The energies are very helpful. And the portal will remain open for quite some time. The Divine compensation is extremely generous as well.

Work and reunite with your Divine twin dear ones. Utilize this unique opportunity and make the reunion a reality. Take the Divine compensation and use it for your advantage. May all twin souls reunite and may all twin flames find their way home. Remember that you are blessed and you are loved eternally. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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