Nov 10th, 2022

11:11 Divine gift for the Twin flames

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a quick message for you. The Divine says that the current atmosphere is greatly helpful for the advancement of the Divine plan. Especially with the full moon on Tuesday and the upcoming 11:11 portal, the Divine and the company of heaven are able to use these intense energies and portal opening opportunities to move the Divine plan forward. And the result is amazing. The Divine wants to share the amazing result with you so that you know that you have done a great job and your contribution matters.

This week, on the Full moon day, the Divine has officially started the Divine government energetically. That is to say that the old 3D power structure has been retired. The new earth related Divine government and governing bodies have now all been put in place and functioning. Gaia is very pleased with the result. It is a remarkable accomplishment. The Divine has great appreciation for the light workers and a job well done.

The Divine says tomorrow, there will be another portal day. In order to fully take advantage of the intense energies, the Divine wants to give the light workers a gift. The Divine says traditionally, 11:11 portal is for the twin flame reunions. The energies are designed for the purpose of the twin reunions. Tomorrow, in this special portal day, the Divine will give a lot of twins the authority and blessings energetically. That means the twins who receive the Divine authority will finally reunite. That is the Divine gift and the Divine encourages our light workers to be ready for the gift and ask for it in your meditations.

The Divine says that there are a lot of twin flames who have been struggling, Particularly in this chaotic environment when interference happens intensely. There are twin flames who were able to reunite and yet are having trouble staying together. The Divine says that the interference was so strong that there are twin flames who have been damaged and literally need repair.

However, the Divine says the atmosphere has changed. The Divine has taken over the planet. And the Divine has removed the obnoxious interferences and forces. And now is the time to start the healing process. The healing of the twin flames is extremely needed. And the Divine wants to do whatever it takes to take care of these twin flames and help them to reunite. Tomorrow is an auspicious opportunity, and the Divine wants to start the process by giving authority so that twins can start uniting.

The Divine says that for light workers who have difficulties knowing or locating their twin flame, the Divine encourages these light workers to keep going and keep asking for guidance. Please know that the reunion will happen if it is the design. It may take some time, however, the Divine will try its best to bring the twins together. Twin flames are precious light warriors and by design, in this life time, they will reunite after eons of separation and hard work. Gaia and the Divine appreciate them, and will help them in their way to unite. That is the news.

Divine blessings to you all.

Linda Li and the Divine. So it is.

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