Nov 13th, 2022

This coming Monday session is to stabilize the kundalini and the planet

Dear family of warriors, the weekly Kundalini Yoga session will be on this coming Monday at 7:30 AM EST. The purpose of this session is to stabilize the kundalini and the planet. The Divine and the ancient Goddesses will join us and give much needed healing to all of us and humanity.

Mother Goddess and I will lead the session. The kriya we will use is for the Kidneys. This kriya will help to recharge the kidneys, balance the lower chakras, remove fear to achieve liberation and balance. It helps to get rid of stored emotions, reduce the impact of stress and will help your kidneys recharge, regenerate and revitalize.

After the kriya, we will meditate to remove the fear of the future. Mother Goddess designed the entire session. It will be a very powerful healing and inspiring session.
The class will be on zoom and through Raj Yoga studio. Here is the registration link. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you half an hour before the class.

Thank you for joining us. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li and so it is.

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