November 15th, 2019

Mother God on the upcoming Great Shift

The current atmosphere on the planet is very intense. The planet and humanity are in a place of getting ready for the grand shift. The shift is going to be monumental in a sense that after all the ups and downs the planet and humanity have experienced, after all the planetary growth Mother Earth has gone through, and after all the Divine nurturing and caring for the planet and humanity, finally, the planet is ready, and humanity is too, ready for the great shift.

The shift I am talking about is the “Event” our light worker’s community referred to. It is the moment when your Father God and I lift the entire planet and humanity to a higher realm so that the planet will forever leave the low density behind. Humanity will forever leave the survival instinct and live in the heart which is where the heaven lives. When that moment happens, the entire cosmos will watch the process and learn from it. It is designed for the great Cosmos and the planet and human race. The entire Universe is going to be impacted. Your Father and I have the full confidence that we are getting close and everything has been gotten ready for that moment. The entire planet and human race have been getting ready for this moment as long as the planet was born. And the same as the human race. Your Father God has done all the preparations just to make sure when the time comes, the planet and humanity would survive and thrive in the higher realm. We all have work toward that goal dear ones. And we are closer now than ever.

That being said, I do have a couple of reminders. First, please remember that the great shift will happen planet wide. It doesn’t matter where the soul is. What matters is that the soul stays in the heart. The heart is the home of your Divine Self and the heavens. By staying in the heart, you will be literally accompanied by your higher Self and the Divine and you know you will be alright. It is critical that you stay sound and safe, and know that the shift is happening. It only will be temporary. After the shift, things will change forever. And your Divine mission will begin. Your Divine parents will come onto the world stage and lead the planetary ascension process. It is just the journey that needs to have the great shift. And once the shift is over, all the chaos will be done. The planet is going to start the remapping. The entire planet will shift, from the Himalayas to the Pacific ring of fire. All the natural wonders may have to be recalibrated and reorganized. And that will take some serious time. But that only happens after the great shift.

For now, dear angels on earth, let’s just getting ready for the shift. Your Father is getting everything ready. And once your Father God is ready, we will start the process. The entire shifting process may take a few days, some areas may feel the repercussion for longer time. But, nevertheless, the entire shifting should be smooth and the planet is going to feel it, and yet is livable. The lives on the planet will be alright and protected. I have ordered the entire planet and human race to be on alert for the upcoming shift. The entire Divine and the company of heaven, are on standby and are ready to help. The great Cosmos has been warned about this great shift. I, personally, have interfered the entire process so that when the shift happens, we, the entire crew and the light workers, will have the most grand support possible throughout the great Cosmos and planet will be the center of attention in the great Cosmos. Because of the grandness of this great shift, the Divine and the entire team have been ordered to be close to where their stations are. There is no room for error. I have ordered the entire universe to standby and help your Father God if there is a need. Your Father also has all of his entourage here, with him, and ready for action.

Now, despite all the design and planing, sometimes things happen and we have the backup plan for that too. Your Father has planned out all scenarios and his plan has been approved by the entire shift team members. We have all the ingredients ready. And we have the entire team ready. We have the planet in standby and light workers are also being ordered to be ready. That is what is happening right now. And that is the news.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. I am so proud of each one of you and your hard work. We have gone this far and now we are at the verge of the great shift. Once that happens, the planet will be forever changed. Humanity will be forever up the evolution chain. And human race will be forever evolved and the new human race will begin the Christ Era. Your Father God is going to be the one who leads the new era. And he has all the equipments and skills. The entire planet is going to celebrate the arrival of the Divine and Christ, your Father God, along with you, dear heart. Each one of you will be introduced to the planet, and start your next phase of your Divine mission. We have the process designed and now that process is about to begin. Let’s work together dear ones. Be sound and safe and know the great shift is going to happen soon.

Go in peace my angels. I am your Mother God. So it is.

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