November 15th, 2020

The route to the higher realm this time will be much smoother

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share news. The planet is being uplifted as I speak. The process is going to take some time. In doing so, we bring the planet to a much higher realm and humanity, too, is being brought to a position which is very helpful for the ascension process.

The Divine has been uplifting Mother Earth in the last couple of days. Right now, the Divine and the team are having a short break. Once the break is over, we will continue the uplifting journey.

At the moment, Mother Earth is resting comfortably. She has the assurance from the Divine and the team. She has the trust. She knows that her journey upward is guaranteed. She has faith in the Divine. Over time, Mother Earth has relaxed and she has gained confidence in the Divine and the Divine team. She learned to relax and just allow the Divine to do the work. By doing so, we, the Divine are able to help the planet with ease and grace. Mother Earth is now our team and we work together well.

In the next few days, we, the Divine and the entire team will continue the journey. Mother Earth, this time around, will have a smoother ride because we have more light workers and more help. The Divine has asked a whole new team for the uplifting journey. And these light workers are doing a great job. For that, we are grateful. Mother Earth is thankful. We are indeed in a much better position.

I love you dear ones. Mother Earth is on a journey, and so is humanity. The higher Mother Earth goes, the higher the collective consciousness goes, and the better the overall situation on the planet will be. The planet, right now, is in need of uplifting. The consciousness of the collective has been rising. However, after this upward journey, the human consciousness will be exponentially higher and the overall situation on the planet will be much improved. Humanity will see what the new earth will be like. And the entire planet will feel different.

The route to the higher realm, this time around, is very different. The reason that we, the Divine have picked a new routine is because we want the journey upward to be as smooth as possible. Considering the planet is very fragile, and humanity is still in a chaotic place, Your Father God and Gaia have asked the Divine to bring Mother Earth up with maximum care. So, We, the Divine decided to take a particular route which is long but smooth. That way, Mother Earth and humanity will have an easy ride and will journey smoothly.

In the next few days, the journey upward will be smooth. Mother Earth may have little breaks here and there. We, the Divine will also take short breaks. While the planet goes upward, we will also make sure that humanity is rising smoothly and peacefully. That is what is going to happen in the next few days. I love you dear angels. Keep the peace and stay in the heart. Know Mother Earth is on a journey. Mother Earth and humanity are being uplifted right now. The journey will take some time. Once the planet reaches her new destination, we will begin the new age, the Golden Age. And Gaia will be the new Gaia. Planet earth will be the proud Mother, and the Divine will usher in the Divine government and your Father God will start the brand new era, the Golden Age. And together, we usher in the brand new epic, and brand new Age. How exciting is that! I love you. I am your Divine Mother God. So it is.

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