November 16th, 2020

End Of Work

I am your Mother God, and I come to tell you that for many eons you have trained for a time like this, when the energies are stirring in the hearts of Gaia's surface.

This is a moment in reverse, that is what it seems to those who are in Gaia in this moment of the Now, however everything is in the Divine Order, everything is in the Divine Time and the Divine is blessing this process with more Light and with more Love.

Dear ones, you are seeing the final scene of the work of duality, where it seems to you that all is lost, and it is happening just before the plot turns, where the heroes will be welcomed. Dear children of My Heart, however, you are already home, for you are here with Me. We are home together. The energies are increasing so rapidly, that the darkness is trying to bring them down again, and this is what you are seeing in the current discord. But it doesn't have to be your discord, you can choose the vibratory level of your experiences, so that you can flow upwards so that you can observe yourself standing firm and holding strongly in the Light.

Most of your family and friends do not know what you know, perhaps because they are not yet ready to listen to any of this. But they are ready to feel your peaceful Presence, your kind words and the calming effect they have on them.

The world is ready for your Light and your Light is ready for your world.

Many Star Systems and Federations of Light are watching you, helping you and loving you, from the positions that you now occupy, so that you can close the gap.

Children of my heart, you are Celestial Royalty, you are Intergalactic Emissaries of Light. The Light is ready for your world.

Now is not the time to give in to the chaos outside, but to stand tall and tall, chin up and face the storm. Children, see how the Light stirs up the darkness with the lightning of a fierce thunderstorm. Feel the presence of the Light in every cloud you see, and in the electric charges perceive the particles of change with which they are filled.

Your Light is changing everyone around you, whether they want it or not, it is for their betterment and joy, and many do.

Many of my children have become so entangled in the drama of the 3D play that they forget that they are the participants and the audience at the same time, and they also do not remember that this great play is in my lap. According to what we have decreed in The Divine, your Father and I, this scene will end quickly, because the darkness has fallen so much, so the suffering is being minimized. Those who now see in power, are faces of the unfolding hidden force of the Light, but at this time My Presence is fully embodied in your Gaia and in the many prominent workers of Light and Love, so political and judging power is not what it seems.

Many, if not most, know with certainty that their leaders have sordid pasts, for that was the way to climb into power, for they must be dishonest within a corrupt system. But the Light of these combined Energies is straightening this out into a beautiful and wonderful New World, so do not be deceived, and do not believe in what is presented to you.

Through your inner Wisdom and your eyes that have already seen the Truth, see it objectively and recognize it. Send Light to the rest. Send Love to those who are caught up in the drama. I Am your Mother God and the Divine feminine is now rising above Gaia, for She herself is fully ascended. You are watching the shadow world go up in smoke, for as the Light increases in heat, all will be revealed. Everyone will have the opportunity to ascend further, either within the body or by moving into another similar reality that will allow them to explore a similar vibration. Those who are in darkness will experience the Armageddon that they wish to create.

My children, I want you to know how proud I am of all of you. As you read and hear these words, you indicate that you have stood out in your steadiness, throughout this process. I am so grateful for you.

I kiss your foreheads with the most tender Love, I Am your Mother God.

(Channeled by Galaxygirl)

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