November 19th, 2019

The next few days will be critical

The shift is going well dear heart. Your Father and I have been uplifting the planet and the process is going smoothly. We have traveled quite a bit of distance and from what I can see, the planet is much lighter and the energies are much clearer now. Gaia has been coming nonstop with us. She has the skills and she knows the routine. Because the planet has been down in the low realm for a long time, being uplifted and going upward seems to be quite a strange feeling for her. Mother Earth has been jittery and the entire planet is kind of having a sense of uplifting and excitement. The whole Universe is in awe, and watching the process with a great delight.

Now, in the next couple of days, we may take a break so that the team and the planet Can breathe, and that also allows your Father and I to have a break. We are very pleased with the process so far, and we have determined that we will bring the planet to the designed destiny in one long trip. That is what your Father God and I are doing. Step by step, we are bringing the planet to her destiny.

Gaia already gave the warnings to her children, and the entire planet knows what is happening now. The next few days will be critical. The journey to the unknown has just begun dear ones. Stay in the heart my dear angels. Be the peace and love for your earthly brothers and sisters. Be the Divine light for souls who are searching for that light, and be Gaia’s help at this important moment. Your light makes the difference and know that you are needed, right now, so be the Divine agent you are here to be, and be the keeper for the planet and human race. I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

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