Nov 20th, 2022

We will connect with the Divine and our I AM presence

Dear family of warriors, we will have a Kundalini Yoga session on next Monday at 7:30AM EST through Raj Yoga center. Please see the registration page below.

The Divine has arranged the weekly Kundalini Yoga session on next Monday. The reason is that the Divine has an important task for us to complete. The Divine asks critical light warriors to join us so that together, we conduct our light work and complete Divine task at hand.

I will lead a kriya to align our chakras and energy body. Recently, the incoming energies have been intense. We are all going through activations and recalibrations right now. It is critical that we have our bodies cleared and aligned at all levels. And kundalini Yoga sessions can help us to do that. In the meditation, we will connect with the Divine and our I AM presence to keep the connection strong. The Divine asks our light workers to be diligent and keep the connection with your higher self consistent and constant. It is pivotal that the connection is strong right now so that the Divine can guide you moment by moment.

Mother Goddess and the company of heaven will join us. Mother Goddess will give more healings to the participants. Particularly the healings are related to the Divine feminine and issues related to the Divine feminine. Mother Goddess invites you to join us if you are in need of help.

Thank you for joining us. Here is the registration page. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you half an hour before the class. Also, I will teach at Raj Yoga center for the time being. Please know that the studio has a 10 pass discount program. It will be $140 for 10 passes instead of the drop in rate which is $20/per class.

Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li and so it is.

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