Nov 20th, 2022

Critical time ahead

Dear family of love and light, in the next few days, the planetary ascension will advance to a whole new level. The Divine wants to give our light workers a warning. The Divine says that the upcoming days and weeks can be very earth-shattering, and the Divine asks light workers to be ready emotionally, physically and mentally.

The Divine says that changes can be more prominent. Interactions between humans and the spiritual world will be more prominent. The Divine plan has promised to speed up the process and now the speed is indeed very fast. The Divine asks the planet and humanity to be ready for this fast speed.

One more thing the Divine encourages our light workers to do is to constantly connect with your Divine within and follow the Divine guidance without any hesitation. It is pivotal that you follow your inner guidance and be on alert. Act on your Divine guidance even if your human mind does not understand at the moment. Please know that the human mind is so limited in terms of understanding the Divine guidance. And only in due time, the human mind may or may not catch up with the Divine guidance and the implications of following and not following the Divine guidance. The Divine strongly advises our light workers to have faith in the Divine and the Divine plan and follow the Divine guidance not the human mind or fear.

Monday Kundalini Yoga session is a part of the extremely important Divine plan. The Divine asks light workers to come and join us without personal judgement or hesitation. The Divine says that now is the time to see the bigger picture and have the greater interests in heart. Again, have faith in the Divine and please know that the time is calling our light workers to act and, only in unison, we move heaven to earth. Only in unison, we establish the Divine government on earth. And now is the time needing that unison.

Thanks again for joining us in this special Kundalini session. Here is the registration page. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you half hour before the class.

Divine love and blessings to you always.

Linda li Mother Goddess and the company of heaven. So it is.

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