Nov 24th, 2023

Divine updates - Final disclosure, Manifestation of Mother Mary & the arrival of the Divine family

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for the light workers and humanity.

The Divine says lately, the Divine has been focusing on the advancement of the Divine plan and Gaia's ascension. And there is a lot of progress that has been made. The Divine would like to bring light workers and humanity the latest news so that the planet and light workers will be in the known.

The Divine says that there are a few things that the Divine and the company of heaven have accomplished recently. One thing is the establishment of the final disclosure. The Divine has successfully made the final disclosure. Mother Mary has made appearances and recordings of human history. All have been done energetically. The Divine and the company of heaven are extremely grateful for the team efforts so that the process was fairly smooth.

The Divine says since the recordings of human history have been made and Mother Mary's appearances that have happened energetically. The Divine deemed that that part of the final disclosure has happened and the process has been completed. The Divine says since the physical manifestation of Mother Mary's appearances and recordings will take some time, right now, the Divine just let it take its natural course and let it be manifested naturally. The Divine says since the process takes time, the Divine will take actions to make sure that the recordings and Mother Mary's appearances will be available to the physical reality in the next month or so and just in time for the holiday season when souls on the planet celebrate the return of Christ and Mother Mary. That is the final disclosure part, and the process is completed.

The Divine says the second thing that the Divine has accomplished is the arrival of the Divine family. The Divine has finally made it to the planet along with the company of heaven and entire entourage. The Divine says that the arrival of the Divine family was so potent that it ushered in a brand new age. Gaia has started a new chapter, and humanity is now in a brand new age. The Divine, the company of heaven and light helpers and light workers have all landed on the planet and it brought huge amounts of love and light to the planet, and as a result, it sped up the ascension process tremendously. Gaia has great relief and knows that the planetary ascension will be just fine since heavenly hosts are here now. And the remapping process will be led by Father incarnation and Gaia feels much relaxed now.

In between, the Divine has managed the great shifts. The planet and humanity have gone through this great shift. Because of the huge amounts of love and light that the planet has, the great shift has been accomplished and it was done in just two days. The Divine and the company of heaven are truly amazed and feel so relieved.

The Divine says right now, since the great shift is over, souls have opened their hearts. Souls who have chosen to ascend are now going through the realization process. The process is going very well. The Divine expects that the process will be short as well.

The Divine encourages light workers to keep up the good work and know that the Divine plan is unfolding nicely. The Divine has a great deal of motivation and determination to get things done on time so that the establishment of the Divine government on the planet will be on schedule and be done in Divine timing.

That is what the Divine has for you for now. Thank you for your great work and dedication. Divine love for you always.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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