November 26th, 2019

Mother God on the removal of some soul groups

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The reason I am coming forward is to give you a quick explanation of why the situations on the planet are extremely critical.

For a long time, the planet earth has stayed in a lawless state of being. Souls who came to the planet were not necessarily coming according to the Divine order. In other words, due to the density of the planet, there are loopholes in the system and there are souls who took advantage of the loopholes and came to earth without Heavenís permission.

These souls, now, have been called to leave the planet and go home. A big portion of them have gone. Nevertheless, there are still some souls who are still here, on the planet, refuse to leave. As result, the Divine has to change the plan for the time being.

What the Divine has planned to do was to let these souls to go home. But since they have disobeyed the Divine laws, and have not departed. After consulting with these soul groups and the leaders of these groups, the Divine have decided to transport these souls to a different system. That way, the Divine gives these souls a chance to learn the lessons and correct their patterns.

As I speak, the Divine is sending a team of light workers to bring these souls to their destiny. These souls are all from a higher realm. They know the Divine laws well and yet they break the Divine laws at will. That is unheard of in the higher realm. For that, I have asked the Divine to evaluate their lessons and implement accordingly.

The Spiritual laws are serious matters and they are not meant to be broken by any soul or group. It is only on the planet earth, souls do all sort of things and without consequences. These days are over.

The reason that your Father and I are here is to bring the laws back to the planet and humanity so that eventually, the planet will get back to her designated blueprint, and human race will develop into a spirit directing race.

Your Father and I are here. And we will make sure that all the Divine laws are being followed. All beings are Divine laws followers and the planet becomes law ruled planet again. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace my angels on earth. So it is.

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